Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We Are Here

We are sustained by giving life to life... from our soul and the total Universe. When we realize the Universe as ourselves, we have the Universe to give without reserve or condition... We have all of life. This gift of life is love.. pristine,pure and true. The essence or Cord of Love in all the world is Ours as Yours. The Essence of Love, the true and absolute knowledge of this, is known throughout the Universe in One Moment by all of Life.

All the Universe is aware of Itself as one time in one Constant Moment. All the world and creation knows itself as itself.

The God nature of all that exists, knows It exists. And this Nature is Who We Are. This is our Soul and Consciousness.

God knows we are here, individually and collectively. And we know God is here as Who We Are, as ourselves.

There is no difference or separation of who we are and God. God knows we are here. We know God is here in our Soul. The Universe is complete as who we are, where we are, as ourselves.

We are here, and all the Universe knows where we are, as who we are. We are here, constantly and always as love, complete and pure. We are here as You and Ourselves... intimate and pure, always here.

We Are Here, as You Are.

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