Thursday, August 31, 2006

True Wealth Gives

True wealth is honest, always. It does not take away or harm, but gives freely of itself.

In giving, true wealth becomes more than it was before the giving of itself. By giving, true wealth receives. The only limit to wealth is the act of not giving.

The Feeling of Wealth

The feeling of wealth is having something to give, not something to keep.

Getting Honest about Your Wealth

You can't pretend to have a wealth you cannot feel, see or touch. To acquire wealth, the first step is to admit how you feel about the wealth in you have in you. Explore that feeling with honesty. How do you feel about the part of you where wealth should be? You may then begin to find your wealth... in the honesty and depth of your search to find youself. You will you find your wealth in the honesty of that search and no where else. You will not find your wealth in the search, but in the honesty created by that earnest search.When you arrive at the vault, it will not be lined with Gold. It will be empty. But your wealth will, at that time of discovery, will emerge from the honesty of your pursuit. Riches are derived from the quality you have built by your efforts, and nothing else

The Sense of Wealth

If you truly have a sense of wealth within you, you know where it is coming from and you know what to do with it

Ill Will

Hell is the coming and going of thought while not knowing that we are the originators of our own ill will.

Affraid to Not Die

Afraid to not die, we follow a fate not given by God, not witten as law of nature, but prescribed only by the way we live, and the company we keep.

The Richness of Life

All you have to do to receive the riches of the world is give away the wealth within you.

How Is It?

How is it that we do not know what feeds us? It is a crazy sight, people rushing across the the land... looking for what they need, protecting what they have, when all the riches of the world reside within them.

Greed Is Not a Sin

Greed is thinking you need something you don't. It can happen to anyone. It's not a sin. The sin is the pain that it causes to those who pursue life in this manner and do not know it. The person does not sin. The pain that is caused is the sin. No person commits sin. The pain is the sin, not the person. Pain takes one away from who they are. Pain, anxiety and fear create confusion and misunderstanding. Discomfort and anxiety are sin; they are contrary to understanding ourselves and others. They are signals to find relief, to change our course. Nothing else.

By Moving too Quickly

A man in need, moving from here to there, may miss the tree that holds his stillness.

How the Master Moves

A Master can be so still that an animl of prey, moving from here to there, cannot see him.

Freedom from Pain.

The first act in freeing yourself from pain, it to feel it. The second act is to decide to do something about it. The third act is to actually do something about it. The fourth part is to not quit, for long, and continue parts one through three until you are free from pain--physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. All pain is the same. Many behaviors, actions, books, tapes, professionals and friends can help free us from whatever pain we may have. The most important factor in leaving pain, is the desire to leave it, the desire to change and the persistent pursuit of the means and methodology to deliver you from that pain. Persistently pursue the intent of being free from pain, and the method of freedom and release with present itself... Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but over time it will come. Some things may just kinda work a little bit, some things will work fairly well for a time and then not work any more... and some methods of pain release will work fantastically well. It takes time and persistence. This three step method works for all types of pain, because all types of pain are the same in that they indicate something is wrong. Body, mind, emotions or spirit can all become free from pain, but it is progress and not perfection. At first, seek a little bit of change, a little bit of freedom. Accept setbacks, they will come, continue your pursuit of wellness when you have quit for a while. Begin again, when you do, it is a though you have never stopped. You can regain you happiness, health and self... even if you never remember having it. The you, in wellness that you are, has alway been there inside you. The template for you, is always healty and alive. It never dies.

Freedom from Pain

Sometimes it is right and important to deny your fear in the moment, so you may do what you have to do. After the moment is gone, the healthy act is to let go of the fear. However, when a fear provoking situation continues for a long duration, we may get stuck holding it in. As we are eventually freed from a long lived situation casuing pain, we must deal with all the pain held in to free ourselves of this pain.

The Love that Is You, Knows No Fear

Conquer fear by first accepting it, without judgment. No fear is stupid or foolish. Fear is smart and cleaver in how it can perpetuate and justify itself. First, respect the fear in you. Talk to fear as you would a little child. Just tell the child you love her. Respect her fear, the fear in you. Respect it and let it know you are always there and there is nothing to fear. It is the love of fear, the love of self within the self, that disolves all fear and lets it rest. It you do not feel you have the love to command and disolve your fears, ask another to love the fear in you, to help you love yourslef, so that you may feel the love that has always been you!

Speaking to Pain

Speak to your pain with kindness and understanding. Tell your pain you know it, how it lives in pain. Offer freedom to your pain, give it a way to leave you. Give it a way to freedom by loving it, your pain. Love the pain in you life, and it will ease its way out of you to become the freedom of love. Love moves all pain out and away. Love gives pain birth and freedom to be on its way as something that was always good.

Seek Out Your Pain

Seek out your pain, and give it freedom, so you do not live in pain, so you do not cause pain for others.

When You Can't Get Along

The only part of you that cannot get along with another person, is the part of you that cannot get along with you.

The only part of another person that cannot get along with you, is the part of them that can't get along with who they are.

It is easy to spot your own spiritual illness in another, because it disturbs the place where you are not well.

Do not accuse another, of having the illness or discomfort you have. Seek shelter and safty, then humbly work to change yourself instead.

Do Not Provoke

People who do not act well, do not feel well. Respect the dilemma, and do not provoke.

The Way of Honor

There is no honor in giving yourself to a person who does not honor you. You harm yourself, and you harm them.

Honor Who You Are

Spend your time giving to those who want what you have to give. Do not spend your time trying to convince someone to take the gift of you when they tell you, by words, actions or deeds, that they do not want it. It serves neither you, nor them. Respect those who do not honor you, and be on your way.

Know Your Place

A Master does not appear as prey to a hungry animal. The hunger goes one way, and the Master goes another.
Though we may live a life that strongly leans in the direction of good health, good health alone is not the measure of spiritual wellness. And the only person that can truly test another, is that person themself. "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first." You cannot determine who a person is through judgement or discerning criticism. This approach ties the doer in blindness to themselves. The most wreched among us, may be in fact, be the closest to his or her maker. There is no way to live another persons life. There is know way to put a value on it. The only way we can know another person, is to love them. A beautiful and healthy person can act with violence and harm against all good qualities of life. A person ugly and ill can be as close to their maker a person can be. Don't judge. Do live your life.

This Way

When there is no denial of the true and honest person who you are, there is no denial of the Force of Life, and there is no disruption of the flow of Qi in the being who you are. Good health is the rule and manner of This Way.

Qi Is You

Qi flows freely and unimpeded as the man or woman who knows themselves.

As You Become Your Self

If you find who you really are, if you become who you really are, nothing can touch you, nothing can see you that does not serve you, nothing can remove you from yourself or defy the life you lead as who you are.

Finding the WHO of You

Finding the WHO of who you really are is a continual challenge that life presents to us. It is a quest that life requires of everyone. All circumstances, easy and difficult, take you to that place, the place of WHO you really are. Joy comes from living from the who of you. Pain, isolation and loneliness come from not living from the place of you, from not knowing the place of who you really are. The more you learn to act as that WHO, the more you rely on that WHO... the better you will feel and the better the outcomes of your life will be. The less you really know of who you are, the more random and difficult things may go. Act in ways that serve your truth, act with decency and beliefs that are benevolent and the WHO of you will reveal itself. Life will come to you, instead of you having to chase after what you think you want.

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Be Mindful of Your Choices

    You are creating your life, every day, day by day. You are becoming what you do; You are becoming what you think; You are becoming what you gaze upon and dream about. So make the choice-- you are the gate keeper of what you take into your life. You are the gatekeeper of what you take into your mind, body and soul. You are a creative process becoming what you chose of life to believe, becoming the product of your behavior and actions, becoming the essence of your dreams... for better or not. Be mindful of your participation in life. How and what you participate in determines how life serves you and the quality of your experience. to you.

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Becoming Aware

    A life of poor decisions is of equal value to a life of good decisions. There is equivalent potential in both settings at any given time. "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first."

    Practicing Awareness

    In practicing awareness, you may find yourself beside yourself, or you may find yourself as who you really are, in a still and incorruptible pose.

    The Gift of Life

    The gift of life on earth is that we have the freedom to act and behave in any way we want, and the possibility of being able to see the consequences of that behavior.

    Heaven in You

    Heaven is the nature of all things. But once you have left heaven, you must earn your way back. And once you have earned this fare, you have acquired the right to travel anywhere by virtue of the Heaven in you.

    What Not to Do

    The more you practice with Qi, the less you have to do.

    In the Absence of Thought

    The space between the leaves of the tree are what defines it.

    The Way of Distractions

    The drive toward maturity, the desire to grow up and "be someone" is the desire to know one's self. But there are distractions , and it is in the distractions that we find the truth of who we are.

    Monday, August 21, 2006

    Speaking from the Soul

    The soul speaks from a still and silent place. When you are speaking, do you feel still and silent?

    Friday, August 18, 2006


    The more you practice with Qi, the less you have to say.

    Every Act Is Qi Gong

    If you practice a long time, you become seamless and efficient; and every act that you do is done as Qi Gong.

    If You Can Think

    If you can think, you can work with Qi. If you cannot move an arm, a leg or a bone--you can work with Qi. Doing it in your head, going through the movements in your mind will produce powerful results.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    The Opportunity of Life

    The opportunity of life is to act with freedom while experiencing the fullness and joy of your own being.


    The soul, your identity, if allowed its time--is the seat and source of all fulfillment.

    Pleasure and Joy

    Possess the pleasure and joy of your own soul, and you possess the Infinite.

    Material Goods

    Material goods do not matter. The joy of self matters. A person with deep and authentic joy acquires what is needed without effort.

    It's that Simple--The Diligence of Joy

    If you cannot sense the joy of who you are, seek it with diligence, and it will appear.

    The Pleasure of Being Real

    Before taking pleasure in the world, take pleasure in yourself; that way you will never take too much.

    The Center of Who We Are

    If we like or dislike something too strongly, our center loses balance; and the best possible outcomes for our life become distant.

    Become Aware

    Look at men and women who are aware of their bliss.

    Who Knows?

    As someone looks at you

    who knows their soul,

    know your soul.

    The Search

    Have someone look at you who knows their soul. Knowledge can be reflected from one who knows, to one who wants to know.

    Where the Soul Goes

    Too much excitement pulls a shade over one's soul--it is there, but cannot be found.

    The Bliss that Is You

    Find a way to experience your bliss! You do not have to figure it out--the specifics and details of how to experience bliss. You just have to want it, your bliss. And you have to take action.

    Make a statement to the world around you: "World, show me my bliss please." Make a request of your life that your bliss appear. It may take some time. It may take some repeating--of the wish, the want, or the prayer. But bliss or the means to find your bliss will appear.

    The Power of You

    Too much wanting for something you do not have, takes you outside of yourself and makes you forget who you are, forget why you're here. Too much envy tricks you into thinking there is no power in being yourself.

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    The Excitement of Qi

    A purpose of Qi Gong is to eliminate or dampen reactivity. With reactivity and excitement settled down a bit, there is less trouble and wrong situations. This gives you greater access to the indwelling Buddha who is you.

    Making Plans

    The best laid plans of men or women are made from a place of neutrality, a place of non-action. These well made plans have no attachments, no expectations.

    Make an good plan; carry out the plan. But the results are not your business, if you are to remain true.

    The Authentic Person

    Neutrality: neither up nor down, left nor right, but exactly where you are. Where we stand, our place of true indwelling, is a place of neutrality. This is where you find your real self, the authentic person who is you.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    The Door to Fortune

    When you judge or critique a gift, pro or con, you close the door to good fortune. Presents do not matter when you posess the joy of your own identity.

    Ponder Your Motive

    Before acting, ponder your motive. "Right Action" comes from a place of no action, a silent territory deep within you.

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Conscience Can Lie

    Conscience is the sense that something is not right, that there is something to fear. Conscience carries a lack of ease, the feeling that we are not in the right place doing the right thing. Conscience can lie. Stay the course and do not always search for right decision.

    When Your Conscience Stops

    As you move toward your unerring Core, your conscience stops and everything is perfect as it is.

    The Perfect Mind

    The still mind serves perfectly.

    Know What You Think

    To know what you think, keep a peaceful mind.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Standing Still

    Accept what is gifted without judgement or expectation, and you will know the fullness of generosity's fill.

    Uneeded Expectation

    The desire of wanting a thing can pull you out of position and set you off balance.

    When You Know Who You Are

    When you know who you are, you have all you need. All you want is present to you. Nothing comes or goes.

    Qi Does Not Die

    Death is a con; do not embrace it. Observe it. Become still, and death will pass you by.

    The Change of Life.

    Life is a creative process. There is no soul upon the land who is not a creative. The con of death, is that you do not create. The lie that leads astray, is the lie that we do not create the universe we live it. If we do, we must change it.

    The Way of Ourselves?

    What would it feel like if we all lived in The Way of Ourselves? It might feel whole and complete. We could define the world in sacred array. We could be partners in constructing a New Universe that contained an unerring sense of direction, with a place to be upon the Earth for all who are born.

    The Feel of Conscience

    The feel of conscience bends and quakes, flashes with flame and fury, then dies to warmth in humble embers.

    Least Expected

    Life flows, at times, in the direction least expected; you might not find yourself if it acted otherwise.


    Getting what you want can pull you away from who you are. Not getting what is wanted allows for more.

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Qi Can Be

    God can be Qi, if you want it to be, or not. Qi may be your breath, the force of life.

    The Thinking of Qi

    When higher thinking is taking place, there is no thinking.

    Qi in Action

    We shape creation by the use of our will, by the actions and inactions of our lives. When our will is used contrary to our true design, pain and suffering ensue, not as a punishment for a crime, but as a consequence of improper use. In the way you take poison, die and suffer. If you behave in a way contrary to who you are, the vehicle of your body is ravaged and dies, the body and laws of creation react in a similar way, The Universe becomes mis-conformed and acts against us, because we give directions to our Universe by how we behave. By the way we live, we give directions to the universe to kill us, and it does. When we act in a way of destruction to our own selves, the Universe does the same to itself and us because we and the universe are the same thing. The illusion of life is that we are different. The grand illusion of life, that kills us and wrecks havoc, is that we are different from all that we gaze upon, when we are actually looking upon ourselves without knowing it. We rise and attack our own immage, when we war against our neighbor. We die and corrupt the world when we kill. As you do unto others, you do unto yourself.

    Who We Really Are

    The universe becomes formed in our own likeness, as we behave with truth and faith to who we are .

    Take the Infinite

    When we live off the love of others to live, we die if we do not see the love of ourselves in the Heart of Who We Are. We expire from the use of a limited fule when we live by taking life to live. When we live to give as God, from our Soul in endless supply, our immortal design takes its form as the sacred body , and the universe changes to an end of calmaity and pain. The universe becomes formed in Our Own Likeness, as we behave with Truth and Faithfulness to Who We Really Are. We are in Love, the love of God and all forms are tamed, by the solid will of God. Our will is transformed as we take the will of God as our own. The instructions to live are the will of God. Take the Infinite into your heart, transform into the person you have always been.

    No One Is Bad

    No one is the Anti-Christ except ourselves as we live in ways contrary to The Way of Life. As such we deconstruct the world, deconstruct our lives, living lives of death, not knowing who we are, as our Light, the truth of our souls comes after us... Our Light came into the world for us as who we are, to live. Suffering stops in this Light of Who We Are, tho we may still be in pain. There is pain, yet there is no pain as we live within this Light. Bring your light into the world. Find the Light of Who You are, and live it brightly.

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Who We Are

    Life happens as who we are. Life happens as we are who we are.

    What You Will

    Qi is neutral; you make with it what you will.

    Qi Is

    Qi is neutral and present.

    Be Accurate

    Do not practice longer and harder. Practice with ease and accuracy.

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    Prayer is a sacred definition of being, a pulling forth from heaven the soul's desire to fully be upon the earth. It is not easy, this type of prayer. It takes practice, Qi, and strength. It gives practice, Qi and strength as you practice.

    Overwhelmed by Love

    The overwhelming quality of God is love. When you are overwhelmed by God, you are overwhelmed by a transforming and restructuring love that touches every place in the universe within you. .

    In Love

    Be in love; in love you are who you are.

    The Power to Love

    You understand who you are by using your greatest qualities and power, the power to generate life within life within love.


    Create life and love. Understand Qi. Understand without a thought.

    Refrain from Death

    Ill and toward death, we are a human system disconnected from our source, misused. How long would you hold your breath, if the holding of your breath caused you to die? Not long perhaps, but this is what we do in living our lives. We do not breathe the truth of who we are. We do not breathe in God, the ultimate Qi. Without this sustainingg Life, we do not develope and mature as Saints upon the planet, taking our place in ever lasting life. We become as a child unsustained, unfed and we fail to thrive. We are caught without life enough to live; our bodys deconstruct as an abandoned car sits in a field. Our consciousness then flees to its original order in the safe confines of a heavenly being, and we return to God in heaven, because we have not made our place of heaven upon earth. Moving toward life, reaching for the Well of Consciousness, and taking Qi, we reconnect, and life becomes life without death. We connect with our Source and Soul, and become complete identities upon the soil, defining heaven as we trod its path. At this point, by the effort of will, and not will, dilligence, grace and inaction, we are fully born to this world. God is love, and we are love as we take this "true identity."

    Qi Used Rightly

    The mind is used to connect, reconnect with our identity. Qi taken in to quicken the divine insight of our soul, to manifest our being of light and purity, as it really is.


    There is desire in God and fulfillment of desire. Yet this happens in stillness, with no movement to and fro.

    Heaven Is The Nature of Earth

    Heaven is the nature of earth, as it rises in service of who we are. The Way of Life is the design of our hearts and souls. As we recongnize this, live it and act upon it, we become manifest as Who We Are; and life upon life happens to us with an ease heaven sent.

    Growing into Life

    When there is no death, we are growing into life. No death, no life. No life, no death. Taking our souls into full expression, claiming, gaining our consciousness... we fully live.

    Life and Death

    Qi is the raw material of life, used to animate our dreams, our fears, our hate. Do we use it to serve our undoing, or the building up of life beyond death?

    Freedome of Life

    We are given the freedom to take Qi into life, as our own consciousness, to use it in building, creating and making life a greater place. Or, we can use it at the amunition of harm and haste, bringing the consequence of death, a breakdown of functionality when love is not expressed.

    Qi Is Consciousness

    Qi is the consciousness of God moving through Creation.

    The Service of Life

    As we work in the service of life, there becomes no difference between what is needed, and what meets the need.

    The Role of Creator

    As we behave in divine manner, as we nurture, bless and hold, we are cared for by all of creation. Our needs are met, and our blessings are multiplied.

    Building Up, Building Down

    Our imagination, or lack thereof, creates what is real. As we grow and build, this happens slowly. The end, however, is always quick.