Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Be as You Are

Knowledge of Self simply exists... as it is.

Chaos Reigns

Without knowledge of self, chaos reigns.

Reasonable Expectations and Outcomes

Once you have arrived at the place of knowing who you are at a deep and meaningful level--you may go forth with reasonable expectations and outcomes.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Take It In

The vision of you, true and proper, is within you--have it! The validation of this vision is all around you--take it in.

Choose what You View

What you gaze upon feeds you soul or takes you down blind alleys.


What you focus upon takes from you or gives to you.

Want It!

Practice purity with regularity, and you will always be free.

The Beat of Your Heart

Focus on the beat of your heart. Notice that it beats with the heart of all existence.

In the Present

Focus on the love of your heart and how it permeates all of existence--you will never be alone.

All It Takes

A decision is all it takes to activate your heart. Make the dicision to have a loving heart. Ask to feel the love of your heart, and it will come alive.

Wherin All Life Takes Place

Love is the medium wherein all life takes place.

The Quality of Love

The true quality of a person is love.

The Level of Love

Love that is the true quality of a person brings the heart into balance. It is not too high; it is not too low. It is exactly right.

The Heavy Heart

When a heart stops moving, it gains weight and begins to sink perilously low.

Rite of Passage

To step into the fullness of your life, you need to feel who you are. For this purpose, your heart must be active and alive.

The Living Heart

Your heart distributes life to all your limbs and organs. It animates your life and gives you clear vision. A loving heart allows you to see things as they really are.

Move Your Heart

A heart that connot forgive is not in motion. Love your enimies. Forgive your friends and family.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Grief that Heals

The healthy heart grieves a little each day.

The Balance in You

There is a balance within you that is never too much or too little.

Good Fear

If you ignor what you fear, there is little control or safety to living. Have respect for your fear and ask it to serve you well, in a balanced and peaceful manner.

Fear Unknown

Untended fear is the central feature of a heart that can't forgive. See what you fear; call it by name. Then gather yourself, and walk within the grace of your own being.

Our Natural State

Peace is the natural state of your human being. Not being at peace gives time the opportunity to kill you.

Choose Peace

Choose to have peace in your guts. Choose to have every cell of your body and being at rest.

The End of Hate

Surrender everything within you that is not forgiven. Surrender everything about you that is not forgiving. Give it rest; give it peace. Allow what is not peace to dissolve in the Deeper Grace of You. Be forgiven; be forgiving.

Let It Go

You must feel to forgive. To let go of what is not forgiving... feel it, calm it. Give it peace and caring. Hear it out. Then let it blend back into you as an integrated fullness.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Your Wish Is Your Command

As it is within you, so it is outside you. Choose what you want your life to be, and creation will comply.

We are the Jeane in the Bottle, but we work for ourselves. What we wish for, what we want, how we think and feel are the forces that stage the world for our lives.

What we do with consistency and predominance wins out.

The Act of Giving

A complete act of giving has a willing and need present recepient. There is a reciprocity of need and giving between the giver and recepient... they are both obscured and unified in the act of giving and aceptance. God is born into the world by need, and nothing else. The trick is to call God into your life before distress. One way to do this to to acknowledge the God in your life now, this moment. To honor and love and aopprecieat the God in you... all of you... the God in you that is you.

The Is No Excuse for Not Giving

There is no such thing as having nothing to give: If you have had the thought that you have "nothing to give" or if your lips have said the words, "I have nothing to give." You just gave that second of you life to the negation of who you really are. What you have given to the world in that moment of saying nothing to give makes it harder still to just turn around and give. Begin by saying to yourself,"I have something to give"! Then take a big leap and say, "I have something Important to give." Then give it now!

Every Second

Find someting to give, find something to love... every second.

Self Possession

The era of needing and wanting recedes quietly as you possess yourself.

To Give

Once you have found yourself,
you know the place of everything
in the world.

The Body of Love

Your body responds to the love of you.

Love Your Body, Tell It so

Body, forgive me for not loving you in completeness.

Be at Peace

Be at peace and know that all desire is within you.
At peace, still and complete.
Desire is as rest and has become the pure essence of you.
There is then no where to go,
nothing to do
but be you...
where you are
as you are
the real and complete you.

A Sudden End

Creation will supply and support you, without end, in the endless pursuit of all your desires.

If you think you have not found yet what you need, yet a new Universe will expand before you to provide another place to pursue your wants and unmet needs.

As you discover you are the Source of all Creation, the pursuit may suddenly end with no explanation other than you.

Endless Supply, Endless Pursuit

As you give up your desires and the pursuit of these needs, you will find the fulfillment you so want within the body of you.

You Get what You Ask for

Seek forgiveness--it will come.

Begin with the New

Forgiveness begins the cycle of new within you.

Be Yourself

Take control of what you receive

and how you receive it.

You don't have to accept

everything presented to you.

Getting what You Want

You will want for not
when you know
who you are
and act in concert
with that knowing.

Getting Out

Be who you are,
and you will get
what you need
for your becoming.

The Body of Life

Forgive your body for not being what you want for not looking as you want for not doing what you want for not feeling as you would like for not thinking as you want for not taking what you want for not attracting what you want... and you will get what you want.

Bad Feelings

Wherever, whenever we resent someone or something that has happened... our functionality of body, mind and spirit is thwarted and inhibited... our working heart wanes.

Living in resentment shuts down our humanity, our humane nature. Resentment is a wrench thrown into our system of good feeling and well-being. Resentment is inhibited action.

Emotions are designed to be expressed in physical action. When we assign a feeling as 'not good," "bad" and inhibit it--we wreck our guts, our wise and precious place. So good emotions and bad emotions must be expressed. There are healthy ways to express bad feelings... without hurting ourselves or others.

Live in Forgiveness

The work of peace is to live in forgiveness--to forgive yourself as you forgive others. There are singular acts we have done in our history that need forgiveness... our forgiveness and actions to bring wholeness or repair where we have done harm. In forgiving ourselves, however, there is often someone else we must forgive. We must also forgive the one we have harmed, however blamless they may be. It is reflexive to assign blame to someone we have harmed.

The will is fairly useless is forgiveness since forgiving is more an act of Grace that arises of its own accord in response to our request for its presence. The grace of forgiveness makes things whole and reconnect.

We may not want to reconnect with someone who has wronged us, but we may want and should have a wholeness where harm was done. Harm, of any kink, brings disconnection.... disconnections brings confusion and a feeling of unease... something is wrong. When we are reconnected and made whole, there is a feeling of being right or righted, put back on track... back on course.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Outcome of Forgiveness

The study of forgiveness, the searching for its outcome, is a lifetime endeavor bearing fruits beyond imagining.

The Forgiving Outcome

Seek forgiveness; accept its outcome.


You cannot forgive another,

if you are not truly forgiving of yourself.

The Majesty of Self

When we are unable to forgive , we are denied our own majesty.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Know Thy Self

There is never justification for self loathing, self criticism or self judgment. However, there is always value in self-assessment.

Building Strength

Harming others harms ourselves; building strength and esteem in others makes the world increasingly firm.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Life Is Simple

When you live as who you are, life is simple. When you live as someone you are not, live gains an ever increasing complexity.

The Foundation for Growth

As forgiveness bears fruit, the foundation for growth appears.

Take Action

Do not blame yourself; do not blame others. Take action toward fulfillment.

Making Peace

The first step to peace is to hold others in a place of no blame.

Without Sin

Everyone is without sin, no matter what they do.

Stillness of Heart

You will know who you are

as your mind is still and

your heart at peace.

Innocent or Guilty

There is never reason for us to hurt others or ourselves. This only leads to further injury for everyone, however innocent or guilty a person may be.

Once Done

The only thing that really works is finding the true and real soul of ourselves. Once done, we have a source of infinite well-being.

The Game of Life

Peace of mind is the name of the game.

The Breath of Life

In peace is the only way a full breath can be taken.

The Real Problem

Regarding another person we may not like or may be angry with:

The real problem is not with the other person, but with ourselves. The real concern is how our judgment of this other person affects us.

However Justified

Regarding our judgments and reactions to the wrong done by of others:

It does not matter how good our reasons are, how justified we may be in our anger and indignation. What matters is our internal state and what we are doing to ourselves with these reactions and judgments... however justified.

One Simple Mind

In the Qi Gong state,
there is no complexity of thought,
just one simple mind.