Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our Domain

When we are as God, we are in our domain.

Do Not React

God does not react, God sustains.

You Are Always There

All things of life run in cycles of time and space. Opportunities cycle in and out. Times of plenty come and go, but the person you are never changes. You are always there.

To Conquer Life

The honest knowing of yourself
conquers life.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Stay with Yourself

Stress happens as you move away from who you are.

The Garden of You

Create only you, and you will dwell in The Garden of Eden.

You Will Be Loved

Let yourself be loved, and you will be loved.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Substance of You

Life is a habit of unreliable reactions; God is the substance of you, perfect and still, beyond all action.

Do Not Run

Do not run, and you will arrive at the person you are.

Sacred Act

The experience of you... is a sacred act.

Room to Breathe

Let yourself go with every breath, and you will have room to breathe.

A Life to Live

All you can know is you.

Breathing with Your Soul

Breathe in life fully with every breath;
as this breath goes to your Soul, ignite.

The Wealth of You

The wealth of you breeds simplistic indignations when compared to another's value.

Coming Together

The divisions of life are created by indecision.

The Distance Between Two People

Separation is the distance between fear and knowing.
Sepparation is the distance between fear and knowing.


Is life happening to you, or are you happening as life?

Without Beginning, Without End

Without beginning, without end: the Creation is Happening

When You are You

There is no difference between you and God when you are in God. Yet there is individuality: God is God and You are You.

Victory Is the Experience of You

Victory is the experience of you.

You Are Forever

Hardship is transient. You are forever.
It is best to move through pain, and make no decisions in its passing.
How long your pain will last depends on you.
All pain is just delusion, but you must pass through it to be pain free.

Pain Free

The battle is lost when you have forgotten who you are. Yet it is at this moment that the true battle of you begins.

I Have Won

True freedom is simply the act of being yourself.

True Freedom

Hatred is learned. Resentment foments. Love is who you are.
You can only possess the woirld, truly, as you possess yourself.
Think of love as it is you.

Stability Is Fluid

Think of Love.

Love Knows All

You Will Know as You Love

Essential Ingredients

The Essential Ingredient of You is love.

The Essential Ingredient

Creation itself becomes skewed and falls apart when it is lived without love.

The Dance

Meditate on the love of you, and everyone will dance to your tune; it matches theirs.

The Bravest of Souls

True bravery is sticking to the love of who you are... and crossing no one.

To Be the Love of You

Delusion is the perception of you without the love of who you are.
When you are fully engaged in love, the act of being taht perfect being of who you are... the are no opinions. There is only love.

No Doubt

There is no doubt when you are you.
Self doubt is ALWAYS a lie.
Standing up to be who you really are, means rising throuh the flames of sel-doubt.
Stand up to your self. To have self-respect, you must measure up to who you really are.

About Standing Up

You must stand up to be who you were truly meant to be.
In order to not react to the hardships of life, you must stand up and be who you were meant to be.
If you don't react to harm, there is no harm done--however painful it may be.
The only harm done to you--is by your own hand.

A Manner Untrue

As you leave yourself, acting in a manner untrue; the powers of heaven are taken away from you.
The Powers of Heaven are within you as who you are.

The Powers of Heaven Are Within You

As you learn what not to do, The Powers of Heaven are restored in you.
Heaven is the accurate depiction of all that there is. When given to man, however, we are free to do with it what we will.

The Truth about Heaven

Heaven is within you, full and complete.

Activated by Love

Our true personality is activated by love.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Edge into the direction you want to go--soon you will be leaning.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Real You

The real you is always love.

True Love

True love happens naturally when you live the life of You... with honesty and true intent.

Everything You Need

Living your true identity gives you everything you need.

The Quality of You

Activate your positive quality--the unique & absolute quality of you.

The Propellant for Change

When the difficult and dire past is behind you, it becomes the propellant for positive change.

The Creator in You

You create your world as you live it.

The Secret of Life

You are the secret of Life. As you know the secret, all of Life is given to you.

Know the Universe

As you know Yourself, you will know the Universe.

The Secret to the Universe

The Secret to the Universe is You.

Finding Purpose

The purpose of your life is who you are; it is within you.

Living on Purpose

The more you happen on purpose, the less your struggle will be.

Our Harmless Soul

The more you are yourself, the less vulnerable you are to harm, caprice and accident.

Human Dimension

Thought is limited; we are not.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Can Change

You can change anything you want.

Self Improvement

You can improve any situation by improving yourself.

Evaluating Habits

Consider evaluating your habits of thinking, being, behaving and believing: Do they work for you or against you? Do they create wellness or distress? Is there any need for change?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Be Contained

Be contained by who you are--the Perfect Person within you--and you cannot go wrong.

Friday, February 16, 2007

We Are Self Nurturing

The Human Being is self nurturing; allow yourself to nurture yourself.

The Source of Who We Are

Staying focused on The Source of Who We Are can be difficult and challenging--many things take us away from this.

Perfect Love

Finding the love of who you are and staying there, not acting or reacting in a way other than the way of who you are... this is perfect love.

Mindful Movement

The practice of mindful movement is to remain still and quiet while moving through the vicissitudes of life. This requires you to be all of who you are... without end.

The Practice of Love

A way to act is to not react to anything but you--this becomes the practice of love, without condition or expectation.

What Is Time and Space?

In time and space, God created a place for who He is.

The Need for Wisdom

Direct your needs in a productive manner. Mind what you need. Allow your needs to happen in a wise and useful way.

Know what You Need

The pursuit of unwanted needs may create problems. Focus on what you really need.

The Need for Fulfillment

Proper and rightly experienced need creates its own fulfillment.

What a Need Creates

A need creates its own fulfillment as that need comes to be.

The Fulfillment of a Need

As a need arises, its fulfillment is created along with it. There is no difference between need and fulfillment; they are the same.

They appear different in space and time when we are focused away from the source of true need, when we look away from the direction of fulfillment.

Do Not React

Do not react to anything but You, the Divinity of who you are--the Perfect Person within you.

Fulfillment of Need

As a need issues out from our lives, in Grace, the fulfillment of that need is, in the same moment, created in proportion and amount equal to the need.

Count on Being You

When you can count on yourself, there is no accounting for anything else. You simply are who you are, and everything else simply is as it is.


The only thing that counts is you.

Pain May Arise

When we use our force wrongly, calamity happens and pain may arise.

The Force of Heaven

Everything is the Force of Heaven; but calamity happens when we run that Force in the wrong direction, when we do not truly serve the best interests of ourselves and others.

The Opportunity of Life

Living is an opportunity to grow and experience the Divine Potential of who we are, to express that potential within a broad degree of freedom and experience the consequences--ecstasy, agony and all the places in between... until we find that perfect in between and stay there in peace, in the fullness of who we are.

Living out our Potential

In time and space, we become the potential of Heavenly force. We are born into that potential.

A Force that Never Moves

Outside of time and space, as ourselves, we live with the Source as the Source, with the Force as the Force, a Force that never moves--silent, constant yet full of life and unimpeded communication, fully belonging, completely fulfilled.

All of Who You Are

When there is no space and time, we live constantly in the Source of Who We Are, as the source of who we are.

The Direction of Fulfillment

In a state of Grace, all needs are met and fulfilled as they arise. It is a simultaneous happening where there is no separation, in time and space, between need and fulfillment.

Need Fulfilled

In the a state of Grace, there is an answer to every need, a fulfillment to each desire... the fulfillment being created by the need.

The Blessings of a Day

The blessings of a million years happen in a day when you identify yourself.

The Path of Grace

If you are without love, without grace or the blessings of life... put yourself in their way until you are overcome.

The Light of Day

Day turns to night, and night to day... all things arrive at once and stay as you are in the path of Grace.

The Way of Wisdom

You can not institutionalize wisdom, you can only experience.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

By Our Own Hand

Most of us understand that children are developing creatures, that what they experience is critical to how their brains and personalities develop, to what they become. However, we may forget that, as adults, we are also being created day by day, for better or worse, by our own hand.

Going Slow

If things are happening slowly--give grace, be thankful, appreciate your pace.

Growth and Destruction

Growth happens slowly; destruction is often sudden.

There Is only Agreement

Eventually, there is no difference between who you are and the life you are living. There is only agreement.

It Speaks through Silence

You cannot hide disagreement; it speaks through silence as well as talk.

The Way of Struggle

Struggle creates struggle.

An Effortless Fate

Life is an effortless happening waiting for you to find it, waiting for you to stop the struggle, settle in and surrender to the person you really are.

The Life that You Are

The process of becoming who are--maturing and finding yourself--does not require struggle but does involve surrender to the inevitable you... a surrender to union, to a blending and fitting in with the life you are living and the life that you are.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Stable and Deep

The mood of the soul is stable and deep.

Constant and Unchanging

The nature of the soul is constant and unchanging.

Without End, Without Ceasing

The soul is loving and compassionate--without ceasing, without end.

What Is the Soul?

The soul is the deepest sense of Self, where we accurately perceive who we are, where we accurately perceive others and the world.

The Knowledge of Love

True love knows.

The Place of Self

The Place of Self has an overriding presence of love, understanding and compassion. The Place of Self embodies wisdom.

Accurate Perception

The only thing always real is the love of who we are. The only way we can see things as they truly are, the only way we can see the Soul of another is by looking, by perceiving from our Soul, from the deepest place of who we are. This deepest place is the most immediate character we posses.

All the World's a Play

The world we live in is like the Holodeck in a Star Trek movie where we have forgotten who we are, where we have mistaken the Holodeck for reality.

Points of Departure

By going out from the Self and returning to the Self, we are enriched and know the potentialities of ourselves and the Universe a bit better.

Where to Go?

When you recognize who you are, you do not have to go out of yourself to get what you need, you do not have to go anywhere to be complete.

If Love Does Not Lead You

There is no way to know what is possible, if love does not lead you.

Return to Self

The Earth is round and the Universe itself is shaped in a reflexive manner. All lines of pursuit, endeavor and adventure lead back to the Self.

Wherever you go, whatever your search, you are returned to our starting point. With the first step of a journey away from the Self, we are being directed back to the Self.

The Universe allows us to depart and explore, yet any line of departure we take leads back to where we started. Perhaps enriched, perhaps shaken.

All Experience

Time and space are created when we pursue ourselves ourside of ourselves. All experience curves back upon itself, until we recognise that we are ourselves.

The Creation of Struggle

Struggle is created when we imagine we do not have what we need.

When Life Begins

A life of struggle can be created by looking for ourselves outside of ourselves. As we perceive an unmet need, a place or condition of unmet need must be created to pursue it, to validate it.

Thus we can infinitely pursue a need, endlessly finding more and more places to pursue what we feel we do not have, when we actually have it, within us.

Life begins when you stop the pursuit and simply become who you are, where you are. As you become who you are, with honesty, needs are met.

All I Ever Needed

I am so sure that I will find what I so badly need around the corner... that the corner never ends. My certainty and search extends the corner endlessly, until I feel complete and stop the search.

How We Create

What we gaze upon, we become. If we look upon the world with hate too long, we create a world that hates. If we criticise too much, too long, we create what we dislike. If we love with all our hearts, with all our minds and souls... we create a world of love.

Who We Are

No one is part of life--we are, each of us, all of life.

A Life Built on Love

Refuse to need but know instead the fullness of yourself. Know that you are here to give and build--of who you are--in happy and productive ways.

The Sate of Grace

Life is a state of grace where we are constantly receiving free the gifts of life. Watch that state of grace occur in you, and you renew.

What to Do with You

to fully recognize the gifts you receive, constantly, as part of life. to know what to do with you.

Asking for Life

When you ask of the Universe in which you live, it is given.

In Love

There is nothing to desire, there is only to love.

The Purpose of Life

Out into the world we are sent, only to return... as ourselves.

True Love

In true love, the need to posses is surpassed by the need to love.

Impediments Are Born

Without love, impediments are born and trials begin.

Unending Error

Without love, there is confusion and misunderstanding. Without love, there is the perception of sepparation, being apart from and being alone. With love there is the realization that none of this is true.

This and That

Without love, boundaries and exits are everywhere, entering into this and that.

All the Universe

Your force is joined with all the universe when you are loved.

Love Complete

When you are love complete, your force is full upon the land without disturbance, sight unseen.

To Be One's Self

In the container of Self, there is all the love there is.

The only Thing You Do

When the only thing you do is love, there is nothing to do but love.

The Title of Love

True love knows all love. True love has no boundaries. Yet in true love, the self is fully contained; the self does not leak or create wrongly into an other's life.

A World of Love

Adult love requires nothing, but is contained within itself complete. In this containment resides the universe. All is possessed, yet all is free.

True freedom is only possible when one is fully contained as who one is, within one's self complete.

True freedom is a consequence of self containment in the fullness of love. All needs are met, and living is only to love... a state of no cause or effect, only love.

Unending Error

Love is knowledge. To know is to love.

Love Is Knowledge

It is difficult to know ourselves, others or the world we live in without love.

The Quality of Love

A fundamental quality of ourselves and and the Creation we live in is love.

Be Kind to Yourself

Your soul, your body, mind and flesh are nurtured by all good things. Be the good thing that nurtures you so kindly.

Habits Die Hard

Let go of things that do not need holding.

Problems Are Transient

Do not ad to your problems; let them pass you by.

Through Hardship

Move through hardship gracefully, quietly--without disturbance.

Peace, Harmony and Goodness

Hardship is difficult to understand; peace, harmony and goodness make sense to everyone.

Everything Worth Having

To not love is to deny yourself of everything worth having.

The Context of Love

Everything fits within the context of love. There is nothing to figure out.

The Heart of You

Find you heart; it will love you endlessly.

A World of Understanding

The Earth and the Heavens understand our needs.

Intended Injury

By praying for your enemies, you escape their harm.

Your Best Abilities

When you blame someone else for the wrong in your life, you disable your best abilities.

To Blame or Not to Blame

To blame is inaccurate, wrong and self-defeating.