Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Opportunity of Dynamic Flaws

In computer programing, a new program is often buggy or flawed. When a new version of a computer program comes out, experts may suggest waiting until the bugs are worked out.

The fact is that no computer program can ever be completely free from bugs or flaws... because the best computer programmer cannot write more than 100 lines of computer instructions, or code, without making a mistake.

Life is like a computer program, it is buggy or filled with flaws. The flaws, however, are what allow us to make improvements. Genetic mutations are the biological misbehavior, or flaws, that allow evolution to occur. Most mutations do not produce improved results; only a minority do this.

Our flaws of character, flaws in self-knowledge and flaws in personal judgments may be similar to genetic mutations.

Examine the flaws, the things that go wrong in your life, and look for the opportunity. Look for the dynamic flaw that leads to deeper gold.

To Entice Change

1. Get comfortable

The more comfortable you get--the less effort you expend, the less you think and the better you comprehend.

There is a difference between thinking and knowing. When we handle a problem wisely or knowingly, we are not full of active thought. There may be a some thought involved, but knowing is a comfortable and still consciousness. It is usually a comfortable and easy state.

2. Create distance--from the situation you want to change.

3. Examine and evaluate the situation.

4. Make a plan.

5. Carry out the plan.

Synonyms for the word entice are: provoke, stimulate , lure, tempt- provide the needed stimulus for

Most of Life's Difficulties Work Out

Most problems work out, if you don't make them worse.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Snow Balls from Hell

  • To change yourself, be realistic and honest.
  • Don't claim or proclaim something you really do not believe.
  • Don't make grand plans to solve all problems at once.
  • Entice change in a nurturing manner.

As you do this over time, one increment then another of progress will be made--improvement will gain its own inertia and begin to snowball to greater and greater success. Over time, you will roll right out of any hell you've been in, as though it were something that never had been.

Good Thoughts and Best Intentions

Good thoughts and best intentions create a neuro-chemical state of comfort and ease. Thoughts of harm and resentment do the opposite.

Do you want to live in a neurological soup of your own engendered poison... or float on a cloudy pillow of bliss? It is your choice. It is up to you.

We may have not created our situation and position, but we can change it no matter what our circumstances. We are free to think whatever we want. We are free to feel whatever we choose at any givin time; with this thought is the place to begin.

Becoming Happy

Things outside of you can appear and give the illusion that they are the source of pleasure, but that is not what is happening. Consider a new car: you may have a script that when I get a new car I will be so happy. The agreement you have made within ourself, is that you will be happy when you get a new car, and of course you are. But soon, the new car is not new. And your inside imporessionable self says oh, time to now be happy. Upon extrernal quaes, we givne the internal sorce of happiness permission to be felt and we then attribute that happiness to the care or someother extrenal thing or efvent... but the feeling of happines come from within us... it is us who becomes hapy,not the car. We feel happines because of an internal neuro chelimcal event. Not the other way around. We have unconscious agreemtns with ourselves, or scripots that telll us hwen and how to be happy or uhhapy. Theses scripts or progaming are often downloaded during childhoow by our family of origin. As adults we have the power to change our programing and become hapopy.

The Pleasure of You

The place of pleasure is within us; out of that place all pleasures come.

Pleasure is the ever present quality of who we are.

Without pleasure we lose sight, a bit, of who we are and where we are going.

Pleasurable Things

The most pleasurable things in life happen now!

But How?

Right now is when and where the pleasure of you is happening, where the power of you takes place. Cultivate the living of you in the present.

Right Now!

Right now is where you create who you are, where you experience what is. You lose your power when you live too much in the past, too much in the future.

The Day of the Future

Future tripping used well is a pleasurable and effective event.

Projecting to the future in a faulty way... against one's self or others, in reaction to fear and pain... creates further hardship.

Find the pleasure of the moment, of this instant and right now before venturing into the future with what you think my be.

The Pleasure of You

From the place of pleasure in you, come all the pleasures of the world. Truly, the Cornucopia is within you.

However, when the pleasures of the world come first in life's pursuit, little value is acquired. There is an order to happiness. It does not happen in a random way.

Be mindful of how you pursue pleasure. Find it first in you.

All Our Motives

Our motives for good, ill will or inbetween, effect us with the greatest impact. Motives originate within us and the effects of our motives are acted out within us--upon body, mind and soul.

Examine motives with discernment. Choose them carefully, and you will live well.

The Motive to Live

Intention and motive create reality and outcome.

Inventory your motives: Do you intend to have a good day, a good life or good health?

What are you doing, what have you done and who are you becoming? If you want something differennt, you have to change what you are doing.

The Eve of Destruction

Destructive means can illicit an initial sense of pleasure, followed by?

The Lesson of Pleasure: the pleasure of "now."

Why is music so pleasurable to so many? Perhaps because it takes us to the present. Music is experiened in the present... as all pleasures are. And who we really are can only be experienced in the present. Who we really are is always a pleasure.

If you are not exerienceing yourself in a pleasurable manner, you are not experiencing and accurate you, but experiencing instead the consequences and effects of a life which has not validated , built and supported you.

Examine how you have lived, how you are living in thought word and deed. Make simple changes; begin to live with pleasure.

Present Tense

Without thought, we are always present... always in the "now."

Our Best Thinking

Our best thinking is done without much thinking.

When Thought Stops

When thinking stops, bliss happens.

The Best Forgotten Word

When you forget who you are, or who you think you should be... bliss happens.

Do the Absent Minded Prosper?

When we are absent of thought, we experience life as it is.

Forget Yourself!

We forget ourselves on a daily basis: Sometimes forgetting the sanctity of our own souls, with the uneasiness of that experience... yet sometimes falling into a wonderful and special understanding by having an open mind that does not define what is.

Forget yourself and all you fear. Allow yourself to become the glorious you.

What if?

What if our earthly existence has been given to us so we can discover who we really are.

What if we are in a play-pin for the soul, where we are living our way out and growing our way through. Would that be fair?

What if we chose to forget where we came from, and we chose to forget who we once thought we were, so we could experience ourselves with greator freedom and depth? Would this be a new birth? How can we do this now? Would this reveal our souls with more clarity and purpose?

Not Love?

A condition of no love, might be see as dis-union: a lack of union, a lack of connection within ourselves, to others and the world we live in. In a situation of no love, it can feel and appear that things are falling and coming apart... with our feelings, thoughts and physical experience being caught up in this process.

This destruction, however, when seen and experienced as part of a totality, when seen from a position of God within you... is benign and of no consequence. It is part of an overall glorious creation. It is when we experience ourselves as only a segment of the creative process, without fundamental wholeness, that we suffer. When we experience ourselves as a process of love, taking place within the body and being of our Creator, all is well.

In Love, Out of Love

In love, we are all the same. Out of love, we dispair.

The Power of More than One

We need one another to lift ourselves to the height of who we are. Alone, it can't be done.

Freedom from Karma

There is freedom from karma in love.

Harming another

When you harm another, you take ownership of that other. You become that person and their karma.

What if?

What if we are all the same person, living life from different perspectives?

In all Honesty

When we are reacting harshly to life, to ourselves and others... it is hard to experience the world with honesty.

The Freedom of You

The experience of who you really are, the true and honest you, is pure liberty.

The Pursuit of Honesty

The pursuit of honesty, an honest vision of who you are, will grant you freedom in equal proportion.

The Value of Life

The blessings of life are of heavenly value.

It's all Free

Blessings from heaven have no price, yet contain a value greater than gold.

The One

As a song is sung in unison, we are one.

There Is One Life

As we live our lives, what if we are all living the same life? What happens when we do harm or when we do not.

Just in Time

What if all of time happens at the same time, is happening in one single moment of no duration, with the events of time laid out over the surface of space.

And beyond space and time, all events of living can be seen as one moment, which can be entered into or out of as the dictates of conscience required.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Value of Life

Within all of us is a place of deep and everlasting love. It is us, who we are, our soul. It is a place that can give of infinite measure to life, to ourselves and others. If we do not know this place, all the events of our lives will lead us there... in haste, slowness, suffering and joy--all our experiences good and bad, lead us more closely to who we are.

We have all of us to give, in life; and there is no limit to who the all of us is. There are limitations however. The first limitation is that we be honest about who we are. This limitation is the first foundation of a platform that can support us in all the demands of life, with out fail.

To Receive

It is difficult to receive anything of deep and lasting value, if you are not living from a place of deep and lasting value.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Better than Thought

If God is not thinking, perhaps God has a better way of comprehending, understanding and initiating what needs to be done. This better way might be within us all.

The qualities of God and the abilities to use them and apply them successfully in our lives may be our rightful human quality... if we look for it, if we seek it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Pureness of Being

Beyond thought is the pure action of being.

Just a Thought

What if the ultimate thought contains no thought, as we think of it. What if God has never thought, but it's ourselves who invented thinking... ?

One Moment to Live

What if all of time can be viewed as one moment where the beginning wraps upon the end. And time can be entered into or out of itself. What if all of creation is One Moment?

Friday, October 13, 2006


The only thing you have to be is you.


Be who you are; do not be concerned with what others may be or not be.

For Best Results

Mind your own business as you go about your business, and do not be concerned with
outcomes and appearances.


The only thing you have to you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The World of You

Once you have found
the full and complete life of you within yourself,
you can create any type of life you want outside yourself.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Person's Path

There is no way to judge a person's path or progress by outside appearances; the act of doing so puts you beneath yourself and out of touch.