Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Disabled Life

When we interfere with love, we disable life.

Hot to Accomplish Anything

Love accomplishes everything.

The Power of Who You Are

In self knowledge, we have the full ability of who we are... yet there is no power or strength; there is only the existence of ourselves.

As we are the persons we are, with honesty, anything required or imagined can be accomplished.

The Truth about Power

Total and absolute power... has no power at all.

The Secret to Power

The most powerful man in the Universe has no power. The secret to his ability is the absence of power. With no power to distract him, there is no limit to what he can accomplish.

True Need and Strength

A woman who has all the power of the world, all the power of creation at her hand... has never in her life had any power. It is this ability to have no power, that gives Her the means to accomplish anything required by life and living. The secret to her strength, to the everlasting cornucorpia she commands, is that she does not use her strenght or will, but takes of life as it is needed.

Complete and absolute strength has no power; it simply does what it does at the moment something is needed.

The Acqusition of Power

To gain true and absolute power, the power of all the universe; you must leave power.