Friday, September 22, 2006

The Process of Breathing

Death is simply a pause in the process of breathing in and out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


There is an eternal stillness,
a stillness to all of life
that cannot be touched by death.
Hold that stillness within you, consciously, and there is nothing about you
that can perish.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What to Think?

If we believe and sense that what we need is outside of ourselves and somewhere else--we add to, expand and further construct the complexity of the outside would we search in. The universe responds to a "search" for self, outside of self, by forever generating the space in which to search, think infinite holodecks created by the need to look outside of ourselves for what is inside of ourselves. The search, the will to search creates the space in which we search.We create the universe as a place to go looking for who we are, until we are exhausted, battered and bruised. Then we look in one place only, and a response comes. Out of delusion the voice of reason responds to the honest plea. The universe will expand and multiply itself as we pursue the outward search for what is inside of us. Complexity generates further complexity as it is fed by our search for satisfaction. Eventually what we find through infinite searches farther and farther away from where we are, from who we are... is ourselves. Science will eventually show us that what we search for, in any quest of curiosity, is ourselves. We are always looking, in any quest, for what this universe does not, at first, seem to contain... and that is a genuine rendition of who we are. The genuine self, once known, becomes stationary or still beyond the stillness of creation. All questions cease to be in the consciousness of full knowing and genuine being. Experience of Self is all that happens, and from this place a true beginning can be made and actions leave no wake--we act without arrousing karma, because all actions take place within ourselves without resistance.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Leaving Ourselves

We can leave ourselves by certain choice, indecision or not knowing. We may return to our place through the assistance of discomfort and pain. What does not hurt, we will not change. If a direction we take does not hurt, we will not change course or assess our direction until we are stopped by the difficulty, discomfort or impossibility of our path.

Chaos and Pain

A Master knows the difference between what is inside of her and what is outside of her. Chaos and pain emerge when we pursue what is inside ourselves, in the outside world. When we look for ourselves outside of who we are, it creates and endless chase. Breakdown and failure are simply ways that Life has of telling you to stop your external pursuit and find the life within you. What is outside of ourselves can perish and change; what is inside is eternal and incorruptible. Following an outside trail can lead to trouble. Following an inside trail can lead to excellent quality, excellent experience. Both roads can be difficult. It may appear they lead to different outcomes... with one being better than the other. With utside pursuit leading to loss of self and pain, yet providing us with constant direction to the inside through that pain. Both roads lead to the same outcome.

Hectic Pace

Serenity: a deep and important quality of soul.
The soul reveals itself within the serene. Fullness of soul cannot be acquired or caught through use of self will. Serenity cannot be found in haste or quickness. However, the serenity of our soul can be experienced through choice... the choice of a steady, sure and certain pace. A hectic pace creates a hectic mind and a hectic life. Running off course is self perpetuating, increasing of chaos. To recapture your peace, the first thing to do is stop, choose and listen.

The Purpose of Life

Purity of spirit and purity of motive gather the universe to their purpose.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

As We Become Ourselves

God has become the world, so we may have a place to be as we become ourselves.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Gift

Take all you can; be all you can be. Give as you receive, and the gift is given.

Original Giving Is:

The celebration of Christ, the stillness of Buddha, the excellence of Krishna and the wisdom of Mohammad. Original giving is an always ready heart, the original gift of God, giving Himself or Her as the world in which we become who we are.

True Wealth Is Eternal

True wealth does not ebb and flow; it is the steady state of a giving heart.