Friday, September 14, 2007

The Nature of You

Feel the grand and perfect you within you. Get to know it--You.

The Work of Life

Accept who you are.

Accept what you have done and left undone.

Go forward, and do the work of life.

Seek the Solace of Your Soul

The unblemished and perfect you never changes.

The Soul of Who You Are

The Soul of who you are is who you are.

Time Stands Still

When you are as you are,
time stands still.


Knowing all there is to know begins with knowing yourself and ends with knowing yourself.

Knowledge of Self

Knowledge of self does not blame, oppose or object.

Be Forgiven

Be forgiving of yourself, so you may forgive others.

The Soul of Creation

The soul of creation... the essence of this world we live in is a pleasurable feast to be had by all.

We own it, this world. It is our birthright--a life of peace, freedom and ease of enjoyment. But it can only be possessed through right motive, right thinking and honest action.

There is no secret to such possession. You must first posses the love of your own being... this opens up every entrance and every chest of treasure to be found. Yet without the love of who you are, firmly at hand... little can be appreciated, enjoyed or discovered.

Everyone and Everything

We are connected to everyone and everything--as everyone and everything. We are wholeness and completness; we are all of life and all of good.

A True Need Is a Gift

Give to someone who truly needs and wants your gift.

In Forgiveness

In forgiveness,
everything is new.

The Natural Self

In a Qi Gong State, we experience our natural self.

The Work of Peace

Do the work of peace--forgive yourself.

The Absence of Effort

In a Qi Gong state,
things happen in an effortless manner.

An Ocean of Qi

Like catching an infinite wave... a wave of Qi takes you in the direction of life itself.

While others swim to shore with great exertion and difficulty, you are taken by the ocean's swell and gently placed upon dry ground.

What Is Love?

Love is the essence of life, becoming what it is.

The Universe

The Universe does not judge--it provides.

Where You Stand

Do not always trust what
you see and hear.
Do not always trust what
you think and feel.
But trust where you stand.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Residence of Wealth

True wealth resides within you and nowhere else.

Enjoy Yourself

Once you have arrived as who you are,
there is nothing else to do but be you.

True Wealth

What is something you can keep forever and always give away?

Be Aware

Be aware of the love in your life, the love in your heart.

Moving through Pain

A Master moves through discomfort
without adding to it.


The exclusive and overpowering use of will is rarely useful.

Taking Notes

The soul of who we are is never harmed or hurt.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We Are Who We Are

Without beginning or end, we are who we are.

The Universe Is Yours

Accept your Self, and the Universe is yours.

Knowing Who You Are

Knowing who you are is a safe and solid feeling.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Self Containment

When you are contained fully within yourself, as who you are, you are impervious to harm.