Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Sky

The sky holds us in place.

Monday, January 29, 2007


The planet we live on has it own blessings... for us.


If you feel you do not have the ability to love and give blessings, ask for it.

The Business of Blessing

The behavior of blessing works regardless of our belief system. It works best when we suspend belief and just get down to the business of blessing, the business of loving without condition or expectation.

How to Receive

We receive blessings by giving blessings.

To Bless

To bless is to create love

To Bless is to allow love.

To Bless is to facillitate love.

The Force of Blessing

The Force of Blessing is all around us. It is an intelligence that needs our intelligence and will to direct it, to receive it.

A Place of Blessing

Make yourself a place of blessing.

Give Away

The blessings you recieve are not yours to keep.

As a Blessing

Live your life as a blessing.

The Nature of Abundance

When we are not engaged in the act of blessing, we are not receiving an essential ingredient of life, and life is not receiving an essential gift that we have to bestow.

As You Give, so You Receive

Not feeling good is not a reason to refrain from the act of blessing. Not feeling good is probably a good indication that you need to be involved in blessing.

When we need blessing in our life, the quickest and surest way to receive it is to give blessing.

Our Blessing Nature

As a culture, as a people; it is easy to forget our blessing nature.

If we forget to breathe, we get immediate feedback. If we forget to eat, discomfort comes soon. If we forget to engage in our ability to give blessings, life becomes tricky--things begin to be difficult and harder to do, we don't feel so good and life becomes a challenge.

Life Is a Blessing

The wonder of blessing, the act of blessing, is that you can do it, you can bless regardless of how you feel, or how you are thinking.

The act of giving blessing can be done in a foul mood, can be done with an angry mind or a fearful state. Just bless... and notice the difference before blessing and after blessing.

The Place of You

The secret to blessing life is to have no attachments and no expectations to the blessings you give. This may sound impossible, but it's not. It simply takes practice.

Do not bless with your ego. Do not bless with the part of you that has needs. Bless from the place of you that has all needs met.

Bless It All

To have love in your life, to have the unconditional perfect compassion of who you are alive and well in your life--be engaged in blessing. Activate your power to bless--an essential human quality, an essential human behavior for a life of blessing.

Begin by blessing yourself every morning as you awaken. Take that blessing into the day as you drive to work as you take care of what you have to do. Bless the bills you have as you pay them. I f you can't pay a bill bless it anyway. Bless your loved ones. Bless those who irritate you. Bless the day. Bless your city, nation and world.

As you bless, understand that you are activating an essential resource of the person you are. Your physical body was designed and created to bless, your mind and soul the same. It really is hard to be as well, happy and free in spirit as you can be... if you are not exercising your capacity to bless.

If you are not blessing, begin to activate this human ability. Bless morning, noon and night for just one minute. Write down how you feel before you start--how do you feel physically, mentally and emotionally, and how do you feel about your life situation and the people in it.

A week after you have started regular blessing, take an inventory of yourself and your life situation again. See if there is a difference. Better yet, plan for their to be a positive difference. This engages your positive power to create what you want in you life.

We are usually unconsciously creating our life situation, our feelings, thoughts and experiences. As we engage in blessing others and the world, we begin to live within the mantle of blessing.

Bless it all.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

To See Another Truly

Truth is only seen through love. But we must first love ourselves to see another truly.

Mostly Wrong

When we interpret the world through the wrong done to us, we are mostly wrong.

The First Act of Giving

If we have not been giving, our life begins to crumble. To get to health, we must surrender. And surrender is the first act of giving.

Created to Do

A healthy body, mind and soul is giving. This is what we do. We are not healthy if we are not doing what we are created to do.

The Position of Health

A health body is surrendering, giving up itself to the world.

To Surrender

To surrender, we have to want something other than what we have.

Dissolution of Wrong

Once we find ourselves, the hardships of the past, the wrongs we have done and the wrongs done to us disappear and dissolve into the Essence of who we really are.

A Trial of Love

There is no pain when we take our hurt into the crucible of love. The only thing to be done is to surrender the pain of trial.

The Feel of Pain

When we do not feel the pain we've caused another, there is pain within us that has not been felt.

The Quality of Who You Are

Focus on the quality of who you are, the perfection of your soul, and it will become your life.

Our Body Is Love

To be well, healthy and accurate in sight; we must be engaged in love. The fullness of who we are, the fullness of our body's health, intelligence and feeling cannot be accomplished without love.

Meditate, pray, hope and will the life of love into your body, mind, soul and life... and all is well, regardless of what is happening.

To Love or Not to Love

When we love ourselves, we love all.

When we hate ourselves

life is impossible.

The Will of Love

We can will ourselves to love ourselves. It is a decision to be made everyday until it is habit. It is difficult to do if you have never been loved, but soon becomes easy and then becomes permanent.

Forever Looking

If we cannot feel the love of who we are, we will be looking everywhere in the world, forever, to find it.

The Fullness of Love

We end our lives in the way of death by not knowing the fullness of love's desire.

To Love Another

When we truly love ourselves, we find there is nothing but love in the world. We find there is nothing but love in the most loathsome creature. And to loath another is only a projection of our own self loathing.

What Is True, What Is False

The lonely mind, the alienated soul spins hideous tales both false and true.

When Darkness Comes

Darkness is created by the loss of Self.

No Harm Done

We are all, in the end, condemned if we do not find ourselves, the honest fundamental being of who we are. p>

What Is Wrong and What Is Right

People may decide to do evil, to "be" evil. But no one is intrinsically bad. Evil is a transient state of mind.

No One Is Evil

"Bad" behavior is not who we really are; it is simply a reaction to not getting our basic needs met. The child who is not nurtured or not neurologically designed to fit in well can wreck havoc in the adult world.

Be Who You Are!

Everyone is "special" if they decide to be who they really are, to do the work of that.

Most of us know who we are. It is what we feel, or how we feel when everything is just right, going well. It is how we feel when we feel really good.

It is a challenge though to take that into the world, through life's challenges and difficulties.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Who We Are Is A Habit

Who we are is the consequence of successive experience, a slow and incremental process of accepting judgments of others as our own; accepting life events, fortuitous or disappointing, as indicators of our own personal worth.

What seems real about ourselves and life, what appears unchangeable and written in stone is not as it appears: A rock becomes a rock by being held in place for long periods of time, under high pressure. The same can be said of our human condition: habits held in place for a long period of time, appear as reality, as the unchanging structure of our daily situation, an inescapable plight of a destiny over which we have little control.

Not so! In reality, we simply need to move what has not been moving in body, mind and spirit--for everything to change. We need to change habits, behavior, daily thoughts and actions. We need to change the way we habitually think, feel and act.

We need to change, foremost, the we we react... to ourselves, to our thoughts, beliefs and actions. As we diminish our reaction to ourselves and others, we become able to take wise and effective action to insure our own welfare.

The true welfare of who we are is never compromised or hurt by another person acting in a favorable way to their own true selves. We live in a win-win creation, when we or others act with honesty in our own best interests, everyone is served, everyone benefits. We are all members of the same human body. We are all born as a Self with a mission and purpose to benefit ourselves, others and the world we live in. When we act against ourselves or others in greed, hatred and malice... we lose ourselves and the world loses an essential and brilliant member. The loss of one life to confusion, pain and distraction is a loss to all of humanity and all the world.

As we to move in fortuitous manner, the Creation itself reacts by changing Her relationship to us... in similar manner. The Creation simply reflects who we are, what we have done and what we plan to do... The Creation then does exactly this to us; the Creations gives to us what we have done to ourselves and others. It displays before us and and plays the script that is running in our mind, heart and body.

We craft the "laws of nature" by our thoughts, deeds and actions. We have the power to move mountains, the power to save or change the world in any way we desire. If we do not like the apparent laws of nature, if it seems at times things are too "dog eat dog"; it is only because we made the decision to eat dog.

When we ate the animal, we then became the prey of animal. When we turned to harm our brother and sister, they turned to harm us. Purposeful hate and justified harm came to be. Death happened and suffering began.

There is no end to any of this wrongful creation unless someone, some person stops to bear their soul to the world in the simple way of who they truly are... bearing a love, their love, the love of who they are that knows itself, a love that knows who and what it is. A love that stands perfectly still as the person it is, casting no shadow.

The stillness of love, the acceptance of love, the peaceful reality of who we all really are is seen when we truly know who we are, when we have trudged through delusion, illusion, hatred, harm and endless fear, of our own and/or others.

When we have been mired permanently in the horror of the world, when there is no where at all to go... our eyes turn naturally within, and eventually we see through the darkness the beauty on display of who we are, the deep vibrant lighted shine of who we have always been. We then can become who we are in the world. All the harm of us falls away. And we are born again as who we have always been.

As we are all of this, we see the love of who we are in all creation, we love our brothers as though they were the persons we are, our sisters as though our hearts were living in them. All that we gaze upon in the world looks back upon us in equal fashion. The Universe becomes our friend.

Who we are and what we believe we can be is determined by others around us, by those who have come before us, by those who have cared for us and taught us---for better or worse--unless we take the time to find ourselves and truly know our souls, letting the soul of who we are and the honesty of our lives take the lead.

Who you are is a habit; make it a good one.