Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How Long Does It Take?

The eternal you need only be birthed one time.

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When you judge, you are delayed.

Judgment is a confused idea that comes from man, not God. God does not judge, God simply knows and gives forth God. God is within you as you. Christ is within you as you. Be that. Be what is within you.

Outward distractions can eventually take you to who you are, but that takes a long time. Instead look within to find God, to find what you need and want.

The great deception is that we can find what we need, want and desire outside of ourselves... so untrue. We posses nothing of substance until we posses ourselves. In possession of ourselves, we possess all. Jesus fed the masses with little substance because he possessed all that there is within him. We all have this quality, this ability once we have ourselves in place. we exist to give forth of ourselves, to give forth of our Source, NOT the other way around.

There is nothing we ever need to TAKE from this Creation. We are here to give and participate. But we must find what we have to give in order not to live, this may take some time, some struggle... or it may not. Once you arrive as who you are, how you got there does not matter beyond being part of your story that can be used to assit others in finding themselves.

When you find that every part of you is here to give and to live, nothing can be taken from you, because you have it all.

Ask the Universe for what you need and you will receive it. Use the Creation, use the powers of humanity to create what it is... that is sacred and the absolute perfection of you.

The perfection of you fits perfectly with the perfection of life.

Perfection is Universal--everywhere in everything. All of existence is perfection when and if you operate as perfection, see and talk with perfection, the perfection of you. Seek it find it be it remind it, that it is you that you is it. You and Creation are a perfect fit in the perfection of who you are.

Over the eons we have strayed from our true and honest nature to the point that it appears we must find what we need outside of ourselves, this belief and activity keeps the true nature of oursleves disgused from ourselves and others. The truth is that we are cornucopias, all of us designed to give forth of ourselves as we choose. We are actually doing this, all of us right now... as we create the universe we live in. We are creating it now. So where shall we take it.

God gives us God. We can keep that in the sandbox, or stand up as we are and walk out into the world as givers of life. What shall it be? What does it take? What do we need?

First stand up as you are.

Judgement day is the day when humankind surrenders judgment, and God can begin. This can be any day of your life that you surrender judgment and become what is God.

We were born in the flesh, to connect in the flesh to God. to notice God within ourselves as ourselves. to notice God as all other people. to see God in the Creation as God... and this is how Creation is completely transformed into God.

It takes only one generation to create future generations who know themselves as beings of God, in the image of God, who give forth God. It takes only one parent giving forth honestly and well of themselves, showing a child how this is done and there becomes an entire generation giving forth God, knowing themselves, and not seeking endlessly for what they already possess.

We are here to transform Creation into God. By becoming the image of God as who we are. As we were created in this image, the image of God. It is our essence our soul, our true self--the image of God, that's who we are... as a creation, not alone by ourselves.

In a way, we are perhaps disabled, by our own doing, until we understand who we are and stand up as adults, once the children of God, now Adult Creators with God. Adults knowing our own Divinity standing up as ourselves and taking our correct place in the world and Creation. In revealing the creation, to have the secrets of the universe and world revealed to you, you must reveal yourself. As you are revealed to yourself, the creation is revealed. Know one, and you know the other. That's the secret, the real secret: all that is is within you. Know yourself and you know all, have yourself and you have all. The fun, the real fun begins at this moment. The moment of knowing yourself.

In the image of God: Is this easy, for a child it is. For an adult, old habits are hard to break... but it is made much easier when old habits are broken together. When a new world is born and created together as we are adults in the image of God, as we are adults behaving in the image of God, acting in the image of God, thinking and believing, experiencing ourselves and each other as Gods own. This is our destiny with no other destiny possible. To be other than ourselves is to die, to be who we are is simply life.

Born One Time

There is only one life to live--the life of you.

The Complete and Perfect You

Be fully as you are, and life will not end. Be not who you are, and you will die a thousand deaths until you become you. There is no easy way; there is but one way to become you, to be you. Begin to be you, forget the becoming. Be you at once. Just be you.

Death is an invention of Humankind, to put off the becoming of who He and She are. Death is an idea with profound and difficult consequences, but inconsequential and minute once conquered by the self of you.

There is, in reality, no suffering beyond the suffering we prefer to live. Once we are seated well within who we are; suffering ends. There is no process to this; it can happen at once. There may be the wrong of past sins to work through, or there may not. It is up to you.

Take the leap and become you. It looks hard until you've done it. Once it's done, you are you.

Your Place of Power

Know your place and be with it--the place of you.

To Be First, to Be Last/Your Place in Time

Do not fret your position in time: To be addressed in the order of the last gives you foremost attention. To be in the middle gives you complete protection, and to be first gives you the place of the first one.

The Perfection of You

The perfect father and the perfect mother is always present in their sons and daughters.

How Is God?

When God comes to know you, you may find you are both unique yet the same.

The Soul of Every Soul

Your soul is the soul of every soul.

Know what You Know

When you know your soul, you are never alone.

Wins and Losses

The experience of you triumphs all.

Perfect Potential

Emptiness is Full.

In the Absence of Meaning

In the absence of meaning, Karma fades to the Fullness of You.

In the Absence of Meaning

In the absence of meaning, Karma fades.

What Something Means

Think of a meaning that agrees with you

when you decide what something means.

The End

Refuse to begin what doesn't agree with you.

Refuse to Participate

There is no stopping what has been started unless you refuse to participate.

You Are You

Undo the wrong of you... by never doubting that you are you.

Doubt Is Negation

Negotiate, redirect and reconstruct--do not doubt.

There Is No Doubt

When you doubt another, you doubt yourself. When you no longer doubt yourself, you do not doubt others.

How We Create

We create what we initiate.

Babies, Fun and Pleasure

Our purpose is to come together and create something new.

Who Am I?

Who am I? Who are you? One and the same, yet separate and apart.

Do It

Doubt is a distraction. You can know yourself by making the decision to do so. It is that simple.

The Remains of You

Doubt endlessly until the doubt is done, what remains is you.

The Experience of You

There is no need to understand yourself... simply practice who you are.

Your Wealth

Your expression of wealth is you.

The Possession of Meaning

True wealth is a thing of meaning, not a coin or a number.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Person Unique

Our unique purpose in the world is to be who we are.

The Wealth of the World

We are all the wealth of the world--all of us worthy and equal in value. All of us have a unique purpose and place that is beyond measure or understanding--it is the experience of ourselves.

True Wealth

Wealth is always our environment: the wealth of you; the wealth of others; the wealth of the land, plants, animals and air.

The Place of You

Respect where you stand; it is unique.

The Wealth of You

True wealth lies within; it is the wealth of you.

In You Is the Place

The inner most place of everyone is the same. This place is the place of love, of soul and solitary existence. This place is everywhere in the world once you find it.

A Difference of Place

Respect the difference of place. Everyone has a place in this world, and their place is a little different than yours.

The Place of Love

Respect differences of opinion, appearance, thinking, thoughts and feelings.

The Richness of You

Human variations define the meaning of richness. We are in a land, a planet and a universe of immense wealth.

Become the Source

Become the source of your own compassion; become the source of your own love and goodness.

The Perfect Fit

When you have become the Master of you, you fit with perfection.

The Master of You

Activate the You within you: the absolute and perfect you. Become the Master of You; it is all you can be.

In the Right Place

The best esteem is always in the right place--neither high nor low, near nor far.

Esteemed Dimensions

Reasonable esteem is settled and even.

The Height of Esteem

Low esteem can lead you to high esteem, as an explosion reaches to the sky.

Behold the Freedom

Behold the freedom of you and believe it.

The Freedom to Believe

Everyone everywhere has the freedom to believe what they want, no matter what.

Allow the Bliss

Allow bliss to be who you are. Allow bliss to be how you move about. Allow bliss to be how you think, play and rest. Allow the Bliss.

You Began at the Source

Review your origins.You began at the Source.

The Source of You

Become your own source of Compassion, Love and Goodness--become the Source of You.

Holding the Bliss of You

Bliss overcomes all actions contrary to Bliss. It is simply a matter of time, patience and practice.

The Bliss of You

Begin your Bliss by allowing it to be with you; by allowing it to come closer until it has moved into you and becomes who you are.

Begin the Bliss

Bliss is self-perpetuating, but you are the one who must begin your bliss. And you are the one who must allow it to continue.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Practice Happiness

Don't leave your home unhappy.

Enjoy Yourself

There is nothing that can be fully enjoyed in life if you do not first fully enjoy yourself.

This Moment Is Yours

Happiness, peace , satisfactionand stability begin with you; but where to start?

Begin personal stability and happiness now. Take peace into your occupation; bring forgiveness and grace to your play and repose this moment.

No Limit

When you start to live the love of who you are, with deliberate intent and honest conviction, the love and compassion within you will connect with the universe of love and compassion outside of you. There is no limit to this process.

Living from the Inside Out

First find yourself. Find the love of who you are, inside you. Then live your life from the inside out.

Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond good and evil, there is you. The need to see things as either good or bad stops, and eternal compassion begins when you find the love of who you are and begin to live that out as you.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Proportion of You

As you find yourself, the Universe gives to you in equal and unlimited proportion.

Within You

"God is within you as You." Guru Mai

The Sustaining Grace of Life

When we do not live from the God of who we are, the Sustaining Grace of Life cannot find us to give to us what is ours.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Becoming Me

I am becoming what God made me to be

as I look with Gods eyes upon me.

The Stillness of You/the bliss of your soul

When your will becomes still and unmoving, you can see with clarity. But the need to look no longer drives your vision. There is only you, and you know. What others will do and what they won't is know by you, so the need to track the action of the world is relieved.

By fully knowing the present there is no moment of the past unknown to you, and the future is always Golden. Practice knowing the present moment of you.

Who you are is derived from all past moments leading up to the present. Release their hold on you by staying in the moment... the past slowly vanishes from the place of impact and becomes a still and unmoving moment of the past, devoid of effect but of value in quality. The past becomes a valuable knowledge base, but its effect can lessen as you practice who you are and feel the bliss of your soul.

Feel the energy of the moment, are you moving into a greater sense of who you are, or are the actions of your situation diminishing the finer quality of you.

There are choices. Changing the scene may help, or may solve nothing. The wise practice is to carry out your duties will the full awareness of you. change then happens without doing a thing, but practicing the person who you are through the practice of life, regardless.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Will at Play

When you hold all of life within your heart and soul, it becomes a quantum fact and nothing disturbs you.

You become the perfect peace, the perfect stillness of your own Self, and what happens in this world never really happens to you. It is simply free will at play.

The Observation of Life

Opt out of the process of coming and going, of life and death, by observing who you are.
The Creation responds to you wishes and wants. Want and desire with deliberate care.
Certain thoughts awaken the immortal quality of life.

To Live or Die

The God who decides to become the destroyer dismantles his own being by such an decision.
We all share the same body, the same system of life. There is no such thing as a part of me that is not a part of you. Get busy helping another.
We have become a disabled society and species by repeated misuse of our heavenly nature. When the Creator is trapped in a consciousness of hate and anger, his very body begins to leave him in pain, anger, fear and death.

As We Create, We Can Destroy

The Creator can destroy: as we find our strength and esteem in the destruction and harm of others, we become lost to who we really are, our powers diminish and our fate turns dark.
To harm another body or thing, is to stomp the life out of your own chest.
We are related to each other, as we are related to God.

Only Life to Live

Within your body as God, there are no flaws, only life to live.
Within your body as God, health is constant and good.
To see your body as the body of God awakens the immortal quality of constant health.

The Father of Life

Within the body of God, my body is God.

The Constant You

Within the cycles of life,

as things begin and end,

there is the constant you.

The Father and the Son

When a son is fully grown, he stands shoulder to shoulder with his father. Yet the father is still the father, and the son is still the son.

Evolution Is the Form of God

Evolution is the form of God assembling Himself upon the Land.

Chaos Is the Form of God

When the parts of God are disconnected and torn asunder; it appears, to the solitary eye, that there is Chaos and no God. But Chaos is the form of God assembling Himself again.

Really You

God is the lowest form of life that is within you, as well as the highest; between the two is what is really you.

The Form of You

God is the form of you.

An Entire Creation

An entire Creation fully aware of itself has no pain.

Creation Consciousness

A new generation of living happens when our quotient of consciousness rises to the level of Creation.


When we have comprehended all of existence, when we have eaten the full course of it; we fade from view and become the newness of life formed again.

Not Subject to Caprice

We become all of energy and matter, then we overcome it.

In this Manner We Behold

The Universe was created in a manner to hold the fullness of God's consciousness.

The Process of Creation

As energy and matter aggregate, self awareness is born and we are created.

Full Identity

The full awareness of self

is the consciousness of God

as our own identity.

As God Is

The more we act with God, the more we become as God.

The Creation of Life

Individuality and life are created as energy and matter aggregate. We are the presence of God, birthing ourselves into the world.

God in Waiting

In every event, both good and bad, there is God waiting to be found.

As We Become Ourselves

God comes to us in all the motions of life that happen to us and others.

To See and to Know

To see God, we must first see God in ourselves.

To know God, we must first know God in others.

The Image of God

To become more than God was, God created us in God's image that we may all become God.

The Purpose of Creation

The Creation we live in is creating us as God.

After It Happened, There We Were

Before anything happened there was God. After everything that could possibly happen had happened, there we were... standing with God as God was standing. There we were.
Random nature creates the fullness of life by including every possible action, position and probability.

The Nature of God

God consciousness is random in nature; it includes every stray and disparate move.
Random nature captures everything and leaves nothing out.

The Random Nature of God

God is random, in that there is not a place where God is not.

Our Random Nature

Randomness is the design of life creating itself.The quality of randomness is the template for construction of Divine nature. Randomness finds every element, leaves nothing alone and includes all in the construction of Universal Divine.
The gift of struggle is that we are required to become more aware within it, if we are to exit.

The benefit of hardship comes in the looking for answers and the begging for solution.

Our strengths are found in the process of this stuggle, not in the outcomes or the solutions themselves. But in the quality of self that is derived by enduring.

Nothing Is out of Place

The position of all matter and energy in the Universe defines the perimeter of your being, and nothing is out of place.

Everything about you is right, and everything else is as it should be. You have won, and there is no more fight to be done.

Loneliness Retreats

When you come to know that all of Creation made you, loneliness retreats.

The Ecstatic Life

When you move in agreement with the Force of All Creation--there is no effort, only ecstasy.

The force of all life is in agreement with any action that comes from the true and authentic you, therefore all action, decision and motion brings with it the energy for its own accomplishment.

What's at Risk?

Nothing is at risk when you act from the core, from the center of the absolute and perfect you.

A Certain Type of Pleasure

Do what makes you happy, and the inner most part of you will come alive.

There is an absolute pleasure and certainty to this.

Monday, April 16, 2007

To Change

See things differently.

You Can Begin

You need absolutely nothing to begin the perfect change within you.

In the Blink of an Eye

To change you must take action. If all you can do is blink one eye, blink in a way that is new.

Believe and act. Act, believe.

How to Find the Absolute and Perfect You


the journey, the hope, the wish,

the pursuit of pure and absolute happiness

Absolute Perfection

No one is hurt when you do what you do from the place of the perfect you.

Within You There Is Never Pain

Nothing hurts within you

when you do what you do

as the Absolute and Perfect You.

Nothing Can Hurt You

Nothing can hurt you

when you do what you do

as the Absolute and Perfect You.

Nothing Is Taken from You

Nothing is taken from you

when you do what you do

as the Absolute and Perfect You.

You Do What You Do

When you are perfectly you, no effort is required in the living of your life. The energy to accomplish comes to you, is gathered up within you as you do what you do.

Effortless Abandon

It takes enormous effort not to be you.
It takes no effort to be you.

To Be what It Is

The authentic you is empowered by the entire Creation to be you.
Less effort is required when you are acting from the center of you... physically, mentally and spiritually.

Loss of Power

You lose your power the more you try to overpower.

You Are Who You Are

The more you are who you are, the greater the effect of you.

Fully Invested in You

The less invested you are in the outcomes of life, the more the force of life supports your life.

First Accept Things as They Are

We spend so much time NOT being where we are... in thought, mind and feeling. But this is where all your personal power lies... right where you are, with things just as they are.

Look around you: notice where you are. If you are in your office or house, notice the chair you are sitting on, the color of the room. Notice yourself; look at your feet. What color are your shoes? What color is the carpet? What day, month and year is it? What is your name?

Say your name to yourself. Repeat it saying, "I am 'Sally Smith.' Here I am in 'City, Sate, Nation, Street and Adress' alive and well right now.I am "Sally Smith" and I am here right now living my life.

Be at peace in the present instant you are living. Stay in today. Experience the present moment. Take time to experience you.

When you accept things as they are, just for a moment, not trying to change anything at all, having no judgments beyond your simple experience of the place you inhabit... Something happens--you gain the power of you, the power of self.

You begin to see and feel that you have a place in the world, a rightful place that belongs to the entire place of the Universe. A place of energy, being and belonging that includes you.

The importance of you begins to emerge. The peaceful reality of life begins to show.

When you accept things as they are, as you practice this, living life begins to be effortless. There is an ease about being you and being in the world... that gently asserts its presence... and you are provided for.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Way to Go

If you know your way, no one will interfere with the way you go.

Your Own Direction

No one can live your life but you; you are your own direction.

The Direction of You

You are your own direction.

The Sensation of Life

Learn to feel; learn to sense. As we move in the right direction, life begins to make sense.

Where Have You Been?

Be aware and you will know where you end, where you are and where you've been.

Falling Down

An absence of pain may signify only that your fall from the sky has not yet come to an end.

A Round Peg and a Square Hole

When you try to bust a round peg through a square hole, calamity happens.

The same can be said about living a life that does not accurately reflect the person living it.

The Absolute and Perfect Self

At the center of every Human Being is absolute perfection.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nothing Wrong at All

In this place of absolute perfection, the perfection of all of life can be seen; and there is nothing wrong at all with all of life.

We Have the Advantage

When we are in pain, distress and difficulty--we have an enormous opportunity to tip the scale of outcomes for eternity in our favor.

The need in the midst of a difficult situation demands that we find resources we may have never imagined or ever sought, if not for the difficulty of the situation.

We May Have Never Imagined

We tip the scales of destiny in our own favor when we make just a little effort on a regular basis.

Grand events are of short duration; it is the small and steady pursuit that makes the gain.

Pain is health trying to become us. Pain is only the health of you trying to push itself through.
When a body or cell is allowed to be well, there is no pain.

Pain and Health

The human body is always trying to be well and healthy. Pain is the resistance to the natural tendency of the cell or body to be well; this resistance may come from ourselves or the environment we live in, or both.

The Finding of Self

The farther you get away from yourself, the more resistance there is to finding yourself. It is a neurological dilemma. The crisis that is engendered provides the opportunity to return to who you are... in a similar way that an outstretched hand recoils from a hot flame. Thus pain is not an idle artifact, but a useful tool of wisdom for defining self.

All Chaos Will Halt

Do not seek out dilemma, but find yourself and chaos will halt.

The Deepest Dilemma

Whether you get what you want or you don't, the time spent between the getting or not getting is the time that really counts. The longer it takes to have a desire or want fulfilled, the more opportunity you have to truly find and become the Golden Child. Thus, the greatest opportunity for living is often found in the deepest dilemma.

The Eventual Outcome

Eventually the outside world reacts in our favor, if we have been making favorable changes within us.

Look Out.

When you take the soul of God and twist it the wrong way, it will untwist regardless of what's in the way.

No Rime and No Reason

When you do something wrong, you are doing that wrong with the soul of God.

It Will Reveal You

When you look at a tree, study the space between the leaves; it will reveal you.

The Definition of You

The distance between you and an object, as you comprehend it, fills you into the world and defines the self of who you are.

Time and Space

The distance between you and an object is the definition of time and space.

Wherever, Whatever

Wherever you go, there God is.

Whatever you do, God is doing.

The Tip of Your Nose

God is as close to you as the tip of your nose and the end of your tongue.

The Stillness of Who We Are

The stillness of who we are permeates all of Creation.

Taking Sides

There is no inside if there is no outside.

Within and Without

Look within, and you will understand what is without.

Great Effort and Few Results

There may be times when great effort produces little or no visible result in the outside world. However, we always have to opportunity to produce long lasting and productive changes within ourselves. When that's done, nothing goes missing--nothing is lost.

The Choice

You always have the choice of how you experience yourself regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Why or Why Not

There is no why or why not is the deepest sense of who we are.

Find It

There is always a best option or best decision for a given situation.

Good or Bad

No one is good or bad.

Who We Are

Who we are

is without suffering.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Without Suffering

As you find the soul of you and experience yourself more fully, the wrongs of your past done to you and the wrongs of the past done by you... dissolve away as though they never had been a part of you.

It is not as though the difficult times are forgotten, but there is the realization and experience that the suffering had no real effect on the deep and intimate soul of you... your real self. As you realize and experience this, you have the opportunity to live out of your soul and core, to act from your core and soul self.

Let It Be You

Find the part of you that does not suffer, and let this be you.

There Is No Suffering in You

There is no suffering in who you are, suffering is never you.

Suffering Is Never Who You Are

Suffering is never who you are; suffering is the lack of being aware of the real and true you.

Becoming You

Suffering is never who you are; suffering is the lack of being aware of the real you.

Needing to Suffer

Suffering builds character only if you overcome it, only if you live beyond it into knowing that it never needed to happen.

A Sense of Peace

If you lack a sense of peace,

find someone who has it;

and stay by their side

until you are satisfied .

Then go out into the world

and make this peace your life.

Peace Has Always Been You

Infinite peace is within you and has always been there.

Imagining Peace

Imagining the peace within you awakens the Infinite Peace that you already are.

Frist, Imagine

True peace is beyond imagining, however you may first need to imagine it, peace, in order to find its place.

Life Takes Practice

All of life is practice; what are you practicing?
Rarely do good things happen if they are not first imagined and expected.
If you feel no peace within you, imagine that you do. Dutifully imagine, without stop, and you will become the peace you imagaine... and much more than you ever imagined.
You can be legally insane, yet posess the sens of you--who you really are. You can dwell in the peace of that, the knowing of that and make it a better day.

Suffering Comes to an End

As you go closer and closer to the Core of you, suffering comes to and end.

How to Suffer

To suffer, you must first lose your sense of self. Then you must mistake what is happening around you, what is happening outside of you... for who you are. As you take the pain and chaos outside of you... into you, your body and mind start to change; and the surrering becomes you, who you are, a fractured and inaccurate depiction of you, but painful still. Why not take on love, the love of you, the love in the world all around at all times. Why not take on all of this as who you are. If you do, a chain reaction of infinite and non-stop love will happen not to you, but as you.

The Non Suffering You

As the person you truly and honestly are, the Core of you, there is no suffering.

There Is No Suffering

If you lessen the extent of your suffering a bit every day, at the end of many days there is no suffering.

To End Your Suffering

In order to end personal suffering: First--make a decision to end it. Second--find a plan, make a plan to end your suffering. Third, execute the plan.

Why Suffer?

To what end or purpose is suffering?

The Creative You

Everything you do is creative; what are you creating?