Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Our Life Becomes

What our life becomes is up to us.

The Measure of a Man; the Measure of a Woman

There is no accurate measure of a man or woman--we simply are who we are.

When You Are You

When you are you, you know what needs to be known; you have what needs to be had; and you've done what needs to be done.

The Place of You

Worry and concern is not the place of you. Our identity does not reside in worry. Worry takes us away from who we are. The same can be said of concern.

The Being of You

In the being of you, there is no worry.

Find Yourself

Effort is created when we act against our own best interests.

The Effortless You

It takes no effort to be who you are: Practice the effortless you.

The Final Place of You

It may take some effort or it may not, but the final place of you is a place of no effort.

Effortless Being

The state of effortless being is you.

Blame and Effortless Grace

Do not blame others when you don't receive what you think you should. Blame no one, ever. Be who you are, and what you need will come to you with effortless grace, when you are you.

Nothing but You

There is no competition when you are completely you.

The Obvious

It is hard to be who you are when you are not acting as you are.

The Privilige of Challenge

Use the challenges of life wisely--they are a precious gift that can birth the infinite you.

Upon Arrival

Discard the effort of your journey.

The Power of the Truth

Living is not always easy, but the difficulties of life can become the propellant to take you to the truth of you. Yet there is no need for difficulty in becoming who you are. Who you are is easy--not who you are is hard.

What Is Your Nature?

Eternal nature is the nature of you.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Complete You

Anything less than the complete you is inaccurate. (Pict needed: woman looking in mirror)