Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Effortless Work

Work provides the energy for its own accomplishment, if it is the right work.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Right Work

Working at the right time, in the right way, at the right task--requires little effort.

The Ease of Doing

There is an energy envelope for everything we do: A time to begin, a time to rest and a time to end.

When we force a behavior, action or labor beyond its envelope--accomplishment becomes progressively more difficult.

What Energy Is

A definition of energy in physics is: The interaction between poles of opposition.

Opposing Forces

Opposing forces, in right relationship, support and add to the strength of each other. In such relationship, opposing forces together become a greater force than they were alone.

The Way of Life

When energy comes in peace, what does it bring?
The nature of Creation is conflict--see what is beneath the conflict.

No Conflict

The only enemy is within you. When you have come to peace with who you are, no conflict happens.
The more you recognize your self in the creation, the more at peace, the more in love and the more at ease you will be.
As you belong, more and more, to the world you live in, the benefit of who you are and what you can do... magnifies.

The Path of Belonging

If you are on the path of belonging, question your motives. How does what you are doing serve your best interests, the interests of others and the life of the world you live in?

The Universe of Knowledge

Know yourself; know the Universe

The Things that You Favor

When the things you favor, want and desire match the nature of the world and universe; everything works in your favor.
As you become aware in a simple and honest way, the world and universe works in your favor.
With self acceptance comes self knowledge. With self knowledge comes awareness.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

As It Is

You cannot truly know something if you do not first accept it as it is.

Hand in Hand

Acceptance and knowledge go hand in hand.

Making Things Better

When you have not fully accepted what is, you have not gained sufficient information to make intelligent change.
Practice acceptance of life as it is in every moment.

Come what May

To gain deep personal power, give up your sense of personal power.

To End the Tension in Your Life

Know your tension; dismiss your tension.

Repeditive Actions

Persistence and repeditive actions slowly craft the impossible into being.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Keep at It!

You do not complete a painting with only one stroke of the brush.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Release Tension

"All the tension that there is in me leaves me now."

I Am Who I Am

When I think like myself, when I feel like myself, when I act like myself... I am who I am.

I Am Free When

I no longer oppose my self.

How Things Happen

Good things happen with little or no effort; bad things happen when we run counter to our own design.

Life Is Designed to Go Well

Life is designed to go well, if we cooperate with the way life is going. As we act contrary to the nature of life and the nature of our own deepest being, things get difficult.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Making Tension Dissolve

Watch, observe and be mindful of how you create tension in your body and your life.

The Peace of Awareness

Tension will dissolve and disappear with attentive acceptance.

To Dissolve

1. To cause to pass into solution: dissolve salt in water.
2. To reduce (solid matter) to liquid form; melt.
3. To cause to disappear or vanish; dispel.
4. To break into component parts; disintegrate.
5. To bring to an end by or as if by breaking up; terminate.
6. To dismiss (a legislative body, for example): dissolved parliament and called for new elections.
7. To cause to break down emotionally or psychologically; upset.
8. To cause to lose definition; blur; confuse: "Morality has finally been dissolved in pity" Leslie Fiedler.
9. Law To annul; abrogate.


Think of It Now

Think of it... all the life that there is alive in this moment.

The Tension of Me

All the tension that has ever been in me strays free of the body, soul and mind of me.

Who Am I?

I am the incarnation of all the life that has ever lived.

Who am I?

Fortuitous Events

The force of true awareness binds to fortuitous events.

Wherever Two or More Are Gathered

The force of true awareness gains exponentially wherever two or more are gathered for that purpose.

To Sit in Agreement

To grow as the person you are, it may be helpful to stand or sit with another who knows and agrees with your knowledge of self.

Standing in Awareness

Standing in personal awareness deflects the abrasive qualities of life.
Acting wrongly, we ware out. Energies acting wrongly upon us, ware us out.
The transition of flesh from the state of grace to mortal the fall of our consciousness and the denial of our Nature happens through collective and individual behavior over a long period of time. You can birth and uncorrupted soul into this world, but quickly one's nature is denied by the world they live in. Most of us are born into a wrong creation, so we have a wrong idea of who we are, of what life is. Our judgments of Self, our beliefs and feelings around the nature of life, act out upon our lives. We take a beautiful, graceful dive into a pool noticing too late that where we imagined the cool receptive water, was instead cement. So we cannot rely on exterior images or circumstances but only upon the inner Self for direction.

Ponder the Asking

Think of what you want and ask for it. Be wise. Be thoughtful, or what you get may appear foolish.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Do not forget to ask for what you want, because you cannot get what you want from Creation unless you want it and ask for it.

Measuring Progress

Whenever you measure your progress in life, or the progress of another person: You get a false impression.

The act of comparing and the idea of progressing takes you out of Self, takes you away from a place of knowing.

You can only know, truly know anything at all, with unrestricted love.

One you know who you are, you see that even aging and death are the consequence of human confusion and pained response to our life situation.

The Blessed Beginning

The fundamental nature of the human being, fully aware, is of immortal nature. But immortality is not the crowning glory; itt is the blessed beginning.
When you do not know who you really are, you suffer the consequences... pain, suffering, calamity... until you know. The closer you get to God, the more you see that you are, in fact, God... that God is your nature, as a child of God... and you boom into fullness, you accept the pleasure of living without regret or fear.
When you know who you are, you are responsible for being who you are.
The only way out is to act right, do the right thing and accept, with the deepest humility, that we are the children of God... the same species, the same flesh and blood, of and in the same family as our Creator.
By our misdeeds, our misuse of ourselves and the misuse of our , Creation over time, over eons... we have deepened into shame, a state of denying who we truly are, a state of denying that there is a way out... We have collectively and individually sworn off our responsibility for our situation and our sufferings.

The biggest con, the largest wrong ever perpetrated upon a person... is the idea that someone, anyone, can be not creative.

When we are not creative, when we believe that having been taught that... we are denied of our gift and our talent, and we have no way out of our human dilemma... but this is never true.

However, we must find our way out... we must work our way out of suffering, pain and confusion. When we have worked our way out of the human dilemma, we possess the strength and the structure of Self to stay out... of the terrifically vexing arena of life problems. Once we have done this, we are free of Karma, we are free to be ourselves and see things as they really are.

The only real problem is that we do not know our true nature, our true ability... We see ourselves as being the victims of luck, circumstance and caprice, when we are, in fact, the only one with complete power of decision over how we will live... as the children of God fully equipped in the nature of God... or the cast outs, adrift in an unfair and flawed creation of good times for some, bad times for others and constant suffering and death at all times in every culture.

As we mature in a productive manner, we may sense an agreement within ourselves to act out your life according to our nature. So you must know yourself first, know your first nature. And our first nature is that we are Divine in Body and Mind, right here and right now. A further nature or ourselves is that we are Creative Beings.
Get to know yourself. It is not so much that we have an inheritance, right, or mandate... as it is that we simply have a responsibility to know ourselves as children of God, in fact and not idea, fact. And in knowing this, it is then imperative that we grow up beyond childhood to be adult Children of God.
God is our Father, and we are not a different species but the exact same type of Being--in body, mind and flesh.

A Force of God upon the Earth

Karma is simply attraction to life's illusions at the expense of Self--the real and true person who you are.

Karma is a fairly easy deal to escape, no special tricks or secrets are needed, just decide you want to do it, escape Karma, and do a bit of it each day... escape the world into your Self.

As you get to know Who You Are there is only good... in you, in the world, in everything you gaze upon, in everything you imagine; and you become a Force of God upon the Earth.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The More You Know of You

There is an ever growing purity to knowing who you are.

Not Reacting

If just one atom chooses not to react, there is no chain reaction. There is no explosion and no bomb.

Like an Atom Bomb

Knowledge of Self is like an atom bomb that draws its force back into its' Being swallowing the cloud of reacting fire.

As this happens, as the fire recedes into the atom, the Atom appears an atom once again; yet the Atom knows from whence it come. And the Atom is no longer part of a chain reaction, but a knowledgeable element of the world in control of its own Force.

As Knowledge of Self Is Gained

As knowledge of self is gained, force of self is contained.

As Knowledge of Self is Gained

When you truly know yourself, the force of who you are is made stronger and ready for use. Yet this force stays contained within the person, more and more, as knowledge of self is gained.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Force of Life within You

Within all things is the force of life... living around you, through you, within you. Yet are you more than this? At least be this, the force of life. Then you will know force of yourself.

The Force of Life

Take notice of the force of life around you... in the air, the trees and sky. There is life everywhere.

As you give your attention to this fullness of life, the force of life within you is enhanced.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Master is not selfish, but knows the secret of giving.

The Way of the Master

A Master has the courage to fail, the honesty to admit it and the courtesy to make whole what has been harmed.

The Practice of a Master

The practice of a Master is to see with accurate sight, to be with accurate becoming... to learn from mistakes and to have the willingness to make as many mistakes as it may take to learn, to do no harm and to practice the art of no retaliation. A Master welcomes adversity, trial and adversity but does not court these trails.

Everyone Is a Master

Everyone is a Master; some see it, some don't. Some be it, some won't.
When you know yourself, there is nothing to know but love.
When you are finished assessing the value and quality of people other than yourself; you may begin to accurately assess yourself.

How to Know a Master

The only way to know if someone is a Master is to be a Master. If you be a Master, you will know and see that everyone else is already a Master.

True Affection

Thoughts and judgments about another person are always incorrect.True affection is always on target.
When you stand in judgment of another person, you are always wrong.
The presence of physical health indicates little if you stand in judgment of someone.

The Nature of Healing

The nature of healing is instantaneous and spontaneous, always.Healing or accurate creation has no choice but to be accurate, unless we are inaccurate about who we are and what we want. Healing happens slowly or not at all as a function of our resistance to being whole.
Good fortune is always present and ready to happen; it does not happen only because of our own resistance to it.

The Presence of Love

To be who you are is to be as the presence of love.

The Work of Love

Do the work of love.

Endurance and Hardship

The courage to endure hardship is over-rated. Simply love and hardship will dissolve... sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Simply love.

To Be Truly Seen

Without love, you cannot see something as it really is.

The Way of Love

The truth of all things emerges in the light of love; truth and wholeness do not present themselves in any other way.

Until It Is Done

You cannot know who you are until you have accomplished and established the absolute accuracy of you.

And how do you do that? You decide that you want to, then you do it! And you do it! And you do it! Until it is done.

Create the habit of you.

The Accurate You

Nothing you think about, look upon or consider in your mind or life will be accurate until you are the accurate you.

The Practice of You

Practice love; it is who you are.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Fruits of Love

You may have to love a lifetime before the fruits of love become evident to you; but these fruits are always evident within you, in a timeless way, not dependent on circumstance or place.

The Only Real Courage

The only real courage is the courage to love.

Just Be You

Love and you will create who you are upon the land of this Earth, with a fullness and freedom beyond imagining. Just be You.

A Choice of what to Lose

Love will vanquish everything but love. What's to lose?

Practice Love

Regardless of circumstances, situations or outcomes... practice love. Love with everything you've got, always, at all times.

In the midst of challenge and destruction... love. In the most difficult, tragic and disappointing moments... love.

Love when you have no faith; love when your heart is gone. Just love.

It May Take a Lifetime

To find yourself, love yourself; and who you are will be revealed. It may take a lifetime. Just do it--love.

Where All Pain Leads

In everything, in ever place, in everyone is love... it is the Soul and Essence of all of existence. It is where all pain leads.

Love Love

The purpose of love is to reveal the Soul of you, the Soul of all things upon the Earth.

The Servant of Love

Love love and you will be the servant of love, and you well be the source of love. Love love.

True Love

True love does not answer to anything but love. True love does not see anything but love, does not do anything but love.

Love Becomes You

The more you love, the more love becomes who you are. Choose love. Ask for love. Request and demand with all of your heart, soul and mind that you be love... and love is what you will be, completely. Be the power of love.

This Is You

The force of love held perfect as who you are--this is you! Be it. See it. Live it out as your life, and your life will never end. Disaster, distaste and unhappiness will flee.

Living as Love

Decide that who you are is the force of love, and live that way.

Living as You Are

In one lifetime you can live and die a thousand times, cycling up and down as fortune, wellbeing and health come and go; but when do you tire of the process and look deeper into you... the you beyond the extremes, the you beyond the ups and downs of loss and heartache, of destruction and death?

How many experiences does it take to awaken to the idea that the answer to all of life's problems is not outside of you, but INSIDE... of you. When does the deep and full experience of who you really are call it off... and decide there is a better way to be, a better way to live?

The Dwelling Place of Self

We know ourselves and others by being a full participant in the labor of love, the light of love... the shimmering essence of infinite and unending compassion that is Ourselves: This is where the Soul is found; this is the dwelling place of Self.

How to Know

When you are acting in the fullness of love without hesitation or restriction, without leaning to the left or to the right; you know... you will simply know.

Love Knows All

You cannot truly know, you cannot truly understand yourself or another without love, without the fullness of love in action in every cell, in every molecule, in every atom of your being.

Without Love

Nothing much happens without love.

The Eternal You

When you become who you are in sufficient fullness, the allure of birth and death falls away.

To be of eternal consciousness, of eternal focus and awareness: you must live and die, live and die, die and live... until you tire of the process, until the person who you are is of sufficient interest to you that your attention is pulled away from the vicissitudes of life.

The Universe of Your Living

React with intention and will as you craft the universe of your living.

How We React

You have the power to choose how you react.

Thoughts and Feelings

You have the power and ability to choose your thoughts and feelings.

Choosing Your Habits

We have the power and ability to choose our habits.

The Life of a Habit

Behaviors, thoughts and feeling repeated habitually become reality.

The Strength of Self

External difficulties become less important and less difficult as we experience the strength and depth of who we are.

The Experience of Self

Qi Gong allows for the for the deep and powerful experience of Self.

Good and Reasonable Outcomes

Instead of becoming frustrated with thoughts of, "I don't know what to do" or "This is an impossible situation," request of yourself that there be a good and reasonable outcome, then wait in peace. Answers and solutions will naturally come, in their own time.

Our Natural Power of Discernment

Look for wisdom when you need it; use your natural power of discernment.

The Best Possible Outcome

Our mind and self-will can interfere with the best possible outcome of a living situation.

By finding the strength of patience, we allow life to unfold in the best possible way.

Natural Wisdom

As we age well, the body naturally supplies wisdom. It is a gift, by nature of our years, that goes beyond experience.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Commandment of Love

To the extent that you love the world, the world is at your command.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You Are Perfect and Complete

In Qi Gong we are building Inner Strength, the strength of who we are.

As we focus on ourselves, upon the wellness that we have; we come alive to be ourselves.

We come alive to recognize and enjoy the perfect person we have always been: the soul within.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Death Is a Habit

Death is a habit.

Death is a habit.

Death is a habit.

Eternal Nature

Everything acting according to its own nature is eternal.

Love Yourself

Everything in the world responds to love.

So first love yourself

without restriction, without condition

and the Universe is yours.

The Source of Responsibity

Once we are adults, we are responsible for how we were made.

Deceiving Need

The difference between wanting love and having love to give, can be deceiving.

Living in the Obvious

Everything in the world responds to unrestricted love in a positive way.

Breaking the Law

The only real law there is--is to love without condition, to love without restriction, to love with loving care. But think it through.

When Something's Gone Wrong

The beauty of Human Beings is that we can reassemble ourselves in proper design.

Used in Proper Design

If you assemble a new toy, a bike or new car and use it for something it is not designed for, it disassembles quickly, runs poorly and rarely works well.

Helping Behavior

If you want to help someone, don't feel sorry for them; just help them.

According to Design

If the Human Being and Body are not used according to design, they do not last long.

Designed for Love

The Human Being and Body are designed for love.

Help Someone

If you want to help someone, do something to help them.

Feeling Sorry

Feeling sorry for someone may be the feeling of your own discomfort, calling it is their's.

In the Manner of Design

What is not of love is temporary and, in the end, does not last long.

The Life-Cycle of Love

A life-cycle runs as long as it is made of love.

Make Yourself Love

Everyone falls part, perishes and dies unless they are made of love. Make yourself love.

The only Fuel for Living

Love is the only fuel for living.

The Laws of Physics

The heart of true desire can change the laws of Physics.

Death and Dying

Death is a learned behavior. It is not really in the makeup of human destiny. It is an acquired reality born slowly of poor maintenance and improper care.

What Happens?

If you acquire a wonderful new sports car and fuel it with bad gas, run it through the woods on dirt trails and never service the engine... what happens?

Living by Design

Find out who and what you are, how you were designed to live, to feel, to act and think... Live your life by design and the possiblities are beyond the bounds of time and space.

Death and Dying

If a human being does not live as he or she was designed to be, that being dies.

How the Impossible Is Done

Everything is impossible... until you do it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Find a Way

When an event of hardship or trama has ended, it is not really over until you have processed the effects of that experience out of your body and mind. Find a way. There are many.

The Outcome of Gold

The outcome of any life lived, of any situation survived is always Pure Gold if you look for it, if you work for it and live through it.

The Force that Opposes You

Anything is possible to survive if you have the will to surrender to the force that opposes you, and let it pass you by.

Any opposing force is never really oposing you. It just seems that way when stuck in a painful situation.

An opposing force of discomfort or harm disappears as you withdraw your opposition to it. It seems easy once done, barely a memory. However, until it is done, it may appear impossible.

The Hardship of Gold

All pain endured can be inured to Gold.

Survive Your Pain--The Gift of Life

Impossible challenge and pain can be conquered if you stay in the game.

Challenge and pressure give us The Gift. But you must stay in the game to win it.

You must endure the unendurable. Anything is possible to survive.

Surrender when you are down, ask for help and continue to live.

Impossible Situations

Impossible situations bear The Unimaginable Gift. But you must go through the situation--not over, around or under--to receive the gift.

Depths of Dispair

The depths of despair are often where the best prayers are made, where the biggest gifts are born... where humanity becomes a greater force of good than it ever was before.

Position of Privilege

When the demands of life tell us we are in an impossible situation, that the scope of our abilities are not enough--we are in a privileged position where we must become more than we imagined possible.

In this state of privilige we may may need to lie still or stand aside from our will, asking Grace to come forth with fulfillment in an unimagined way.

With the need and its fulfillment, we then become more than we ever knew. The privilidge passes, and we hold a gift of unimagined good... all from a situation that appeared so bad.

Integrity and Feeling Good

To feel good, you must behave with integrity: Your thoughts must agree with your feelings. Your actions and speech must agree with your thoughts.

All of you must be aligned and acting in agreement for a well feeling to result. This is integrity.

You Must Move

To feel good, you must move--even if you do not feel like moving.

You must eat good foods and think good thoughts.

Feeling Good--Feeling Bad

There is an epidemic, in modern nations, of people who do not feel good.

If you do not feel good, you cannot do good work; you cannot make good decisions for yourself or anyone else.

To Be in Love

To be fully in love, a body must move freely.

Schooling Our Children

We force our children to sit still and read lifeless books doing lifeless exercises.

We are teaching our children to be lifeless... at a very young age.

Move It

Lack of movement kills.

The Sign of Death--The Sign of Life

A sure sign of death is lack of movement. Find something dead; touch it--notice it does not move. Find something alive; touch it--notice it moves.

The Movement Impaired

We have become a movement impaired society that is unaware of its true potential... feeling worse by the day, with the whole process beginning in the early grades of school when we force the active glee of children to sit still in a chair.

Movement Impaired--Living Impaired

The world of modern work where we sit in chairs most of the day, staring ahead into one square of a screen... produces a state of human impairment, crushing the best potential.

We slowly become disabled by this lack of motion.

When our movement becomes impaired, our thinking and feeling become impaired--stress, discomfort and ill health result.

A Typical Thought

The typical thinking of modern society is mostly an aberration or artifact produced by bodies that have stopped moving.

This type of thinking is typified by a lack of joy. It has a lifeless nature and unconsciously creates poor outcomes.

The Body in Love

When well--fully well--our bodies are in love.

Fully in Love

Fully embodied, we are fully in love.

Love Defines Us

The deeper we go into our bodies with grounding and accurate sense, the more we ignite the natural love of the living process that defines us.

Our Own Direction

When we are not moving in our own direction, we may feel lost.

Feeling Who We Are

When we are not grounded, seated deeply into our body, we cannot feel who we are with accuracy. We misinterpret and lose our way.
True love is neither modern nor traditional, but a process of surrender into one body, and a manner of moving in one direction.

The Direction of Love

True love is neither modern nor traditional, but surrender into one body... moving in one direction.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Everything Is a Joy

When good things do not happen for us, it is usually because we are in the way trying to create what we need through self will... wanting ourselves to be the Source and Progenitor of all good things. You never have to work that hard in life. The best things arrive with no effort, at no cost. But we so much want to work hard, pay and suffer for what we want. When we get it, things acquired this way, they are so difficult to enjoy.
Good fortune naturally wants to happen in our lives. The nature of Creation, the natural inclination of the world we live in, is to fulfill our needs and desires.

Get Out of the Way

Most good things happen on their own. Our job is to sense where the good things are coming from, get out of the way, and allow the good to happen.
In our worry, haste and over-concern; we prevent the very solution we so desire.

A Spirit so Big!

When thinking small it is difficult to accept a very large gift, so think of yourself and do the work it takes to become A Spirit so Big that you are equipped to hold and embrace any size gift you may desire.

The Impossible Dream

Ask for the impossible; in time, with the right preparation, the impossible happen.
Never forget to ask for what you need.
Being self-sufficient can be a wonderful exercise in self progression. But do not, however, forget to ask for help when you need it.

Ask and It Is Given

Asking for help can become the 5,000 lb question we cannot ask. If this is so, ask for help to ask for what you need. Ask anyone or anything: the sky, your heart, the world at large or the God of you faith... The Universe, the Creation and Our Place on Earth all respond to human supplication. At times, however, conditions must be endured. The process of waiting is where true character and self knowledge are born. Without the wait, the gift can never be received, because this is where we develop the fullness of self that can hold what we are to receive.

The Solution to Life

When we arrive at a situation or condition we believe we cannot handle, if we simply ASK FOR HELP... the solution arises.

To Have Gold

To have gold fill your pockets, you must ask for gold.

Avoiding the Obvious

When life challenges arise... if avoided, skirted, run around or denied; you will remain confined and ill equiped. And the challenge becomes larger still.

The Difference of Gold.

By living through the difficulties and pressures of life, you may emerge with pockets filled of gold or empty handed. What makes the difference?

The Principle of Surfing Ocean Waves

Live with flexibility and peace ability of spirit, mind and body; and there is no disturbance in life you cannot ride with calm and self possession.

True Challenge

True challenge and the pressures of life always bring enormous gift.

How the Gift of Life Becomes

Be grateful for the challenges of life; they are a privilidge and an opportuntiy to become the person you truly are. Seek to properly identify nature and demand or every difficulty.
The unaccomplished man, the unknowing women may indeed have a pleasurable experience of life... as long as the waters are calm. When waters become rough, they are left alone with few resources... and the Grand Opportuntiy begins.

For You and I, What Will It Be?

It can be hard and seemingly impossible... to realize and become the perfect person of our soul upon this earth. To the extent we pursue this, we are given pleasure or given pain.
Working throught the flesh the difficuolty of who we are in threee dimensions, makes our divinity in the world a real event.
Love is the elixer that provides perfect vision.

Our Mission on Earth

Our mission on Earth is to find our deepest capability, or die trying. Challenge or pressure can then be seen as a privilige. How are you going to endure the unendurable, accomplish the impossible? It is a privilige to be in such a situation where you are called to be, perform and accomplish more than is humanly possible. Our Divinity may arise in these situations, and in our Divinity, there are no problems, there were no problems. There is only the Divine and Complete Person we truly are.
If everything went our way, we would never discover or experience our deep capability.
There are no real problems in life when living as the true person of You. There are only simple problems that come and go as we live through them.
How we react to a given circumstance determines whether it becomes a real problem... or remains a simple concern.
Most of the time, when there is a problem in life; we are the problem.

When Love Wanes

The effect of a new love may soon wear thin, and we are again left to be who we were before thae love interest began. What to do?! Quickly departing and seeking of a new love interest may be the search for another substance of addiction. And staying with a situation producing constant conflict may be the same--an escape from being who you are, and excape from honest self appraisal. You might stay where you are and look at who you are. Appraise what you have and decide if you are serving your own greater good. Maybe your love interest needs a more appropriate mate for their true happiness, perhaps you do also. Maybe not.

Romantic Love, Misunderstood

So much of romantic love, misunderstood, is about wanting something we do not have. When the initial rush of a new romance dies off, we may attack the situation in complaint and disagreement... when we are the mechanism at fault.
Loves shows the way, without it we are blind.
Love knows all: It is probably the most intelligent force of all. Reacting to our romantic folly, we dismiss love and toss out the entire spectrum of compassions embrace, missing all that live has to give, to show and to guide us into being the wonderful person we are.

The Same Reaction

Understanding and love are the two actions of the same reaction: One does not happen without the other--love brings understanding, understanding brings love.
Knowing brings understanding, and understanding brings love.

The Right of Wrong

Have the courage to know and understand those who wrong you, then the wrong does not wrong you.
Understanding is the act of compassion.
God is all knowing-- and once you know all, there is only Love.

The Same Soul, the Same Love

We share the same soul with every other person. We share the same love. This is a dynamic state. This state of knowing brings love.
When you know the soul of another, there is only love.
When you get to the soul of another, what you get is absolute and certain love.
When we know the soul of another, with accuracy, regardless of the deads... there is only love.
When you see the soul of another, it brings out love in yours without conditon.
Strong love is impervious to debate or deflection; it loves regardless.

The Thought of Love

The accurate heart is the thought of love in action.

The Pleasure of Receiving

The accurate and fully functioning heart is giving and receiving at the same time. This is an eternal state of feelng acting out upon the Earth, as one moment in time.

The Heart of Reception

When you see that your heart is the heart of life, the heart in all other hearts that give life. When you see your heart in all of life, perfection shines upon you.

True and Honest

God does not control events, but sustains the true and honest heart.

How It Happens

Life happens best without much control or demand upon it.

Mind the Degree of Desire and Want

Wanting a thing to an excessive degree may acquire that thing for you, but leave you without the things you truly need.

The Greater Gift

Pursuing what you want too much can interfere with the action of Life as it attempts to give you the greater gift.

The Value of Another

When judging another as less in value than another, you lose the value of yourself.

To Judge Another

When you compare yourself to another person, you both lose value. When you join another in the work and love of life, you both gain.

The Want of Life

Wanting something too much limits our ability to receive the gifts that life naturally gives to us.