Friday, July 28, 2006

The Qi of Forgiving

Choose to forgive, and you are forgiven. Qi flows unimpeded through the forgiven life.

To Be Where You Are

There is little rest in pursuit. Choose, instead, to be where you are.

Self Denial

Judgment or criticism of others denies you yourself. You can't get to grandure of your own being or to safety and comfort by judging others or yourself. Judge only your need to work on you. Allow your discomfort with others to direct you toward your own flaws, then work your flaws out.

The Perfect Mind

As long as you are expecting someone else to be perfect, you are missing the genuine "perfection" of your own self and that person. Qi, just as a person, is neither perfect nor imperfect; it is Qi.

The Universal Quality of Life

The "work" of moving Qi, in genuine design, is the practice of validating ourselves, validating others and confirming the universal quality of life.

By doing such work, we take on our role as creators--building the virtuous and acting within the consequent freedom of this endeavor.

The Cornucopia of Being

The unconscious desire to have more than we can hold is a diminishing inclination.

There is never enough for outstretched arms to grasp, if they do not see themselves as the source of gifting.

No "thing" outside of ourselves can fill the deep insides. Yet once find we find ourselves, deep inside ourselves--we have "the Infinite" to give. The mythic cornucopia may, in truth, be our very nature. And the wish granting "Genie" perhaps a projection of our own forgotten capability.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Mind at Rest

A mind at rest is quicker than a mind in motion.

Giving and Receiving

By surrendering the desire to have things our way, we allow benevolence.

Beyond Reach

What is the source of the fruits you display in the world? What is the source of hardship when it comes? Keep an open mind!

The good, the bad... difficult and easy: let them play together and do their dance. Your providence is beyond their reach.

Maturing Deeply

We do not become adept alone. We do not become adept on our own. The process of deeply maturing in the practice of life is one of greater reliance upon one another.


If you do nothing but practice breathing, practice each breath with awareness and calm intent; you may become aware of the Master you have always been. And your life may happen in the manner of increasing ease.

True Identity

Identity is the freedom to breathe the breath that is yours to breathe.

Energy and Matter

In physics, a definition of energy is "the interaction between poles of opposition."

If E = MC squared, does matter cease to exist when polarities no longer oppose?

When we stop fighting and reacting, stop slamming back and forth between opposing sides, what do the laws of physics do? What does that look like in our lives?


Within you there is stillness; and out of the stillness you come, to discover the stillness.


All harm is forgiven as you enter the mind of emptiness and non-action. There is no harm in the empty mind.

In stillness, there is nothing but stillness. As we come into life from a place of stillness, there is birth without flaw and vision without obstruction.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Natural Action of Qi

The natural action of Qi is to create what is good for you.

Qi Is Moving

Qi is moving through you as you live, with every breath, thought and action of your being.

The Effortless Way

The way that Qi naturally goes, is effortless and simple.

Where Is Your Qi?

You are the director of your Qi force. No one else. Look at the force of your life: Where has it been? Where is it going? Where is it now?

The Use of Qi

The misuse of Qi creates discomfort. The proper use of chi allows effortless ease.

To Prosper

Take first, what is freely given.

Nothing to Do

Once you have accepted everything, there is nothing to do. And in this place of "nothing to do," there is a quiet peace.

One Mind

The practice of moving Qi can bring together the conscious and unconscious mind... so there is just one mind.

Qi is the Force of Life

Qi is the force of life. It is everywhere in everything. In our lives, Qi is directed by the body, the mind and the spirit. Our Qi is influenced by nature and our environment.