Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Own the World

We do not have to recreate the Universe as our own to have it; we simply need to live with honesty and grace.

The Cooperaton of Life

The cooperation of life with our own, is grace.

How the World Can Find Us

When we act with truth, true to ourselves, the the nature of the world can find us and cooperate.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Honesty and Grace

As we live out truth, with honesty and grace, the benevolence of the world can find us.

God Is Being Connected to Life

The meaning of God, is connectivity. When we are aware of ourselves fully, in a well and happy way; we are connected and in tune with life. As we are aware of the Universe, the Universe or God is aware of us. God is our true personality and character. When we see the God nature of ourselves, all the world comes into play and serves us well. But we must first serve ourselves well if the creation is to serve us. We must find ourselves with truth and honesty, and live with integrity, if the World is to find us and cooperate. Life falls into place and things work out well when we are honest and true and living in balance with our own character. If we are not aware of who we are and not acting in a manner true and honest to our real nature, the nature of the Universe cannot respond to us in a harmonious and cooperative way. We must cooperate with ourselves, living with honesty, truth and integrity... if life is going to cooperate with us. We give the world instructions on how to treat us, by our behavior in life... truth, honesty, faith and precision, within us, gives life clear instructions on how to treat us. Dishonest, confused and self denying behavior, thoughts and feelings... instructs the world to respond to us in a way that will not meet our needs. As we find out who we are, and live out this knowledge with truth and honesty... all of life begins to cooperate with our lives.

We Are Here

We are sustained by giving life to life... from our soul and the total Universe. When we realize the Universe as ourselves, we have the Universe to give without reserve or condition... We have all of life. This gift of life is love.. pristine,pure and true. The essence or Cord of Love in all the world is Ours as Yours. The Essence of Love, the true and absolute knowledge of this, is known throughout the Universe in One Moment by all of Life.

All the Universe is aware of Itself as one time in one Constant Moment. All the world and creation knows itself as itself.

The God nature of all that exists, knows It exists. And this Nature is Who We Are. This is our Soul and Consciousness.

God knows we are here, individually and collectively. And we know God is here as Who We Are, as ourselves.

There is no difference or separation of who we are and God. God knows we are here. We know God is here in our Soul. The Universe is complete as who we are, where we are, as ourselves.

We are here, and all the Universe knows where we are, as who we are. We are here, constantly and always as love, complete and pure. We are here as You and Ourselves... intimate and pure, always here.

We Are Here, as You Are.

Friday, December 12, 2008

We Are Here

We are designed to give--Nature is the model.

As Human Beings, we are a vehicle of process in constant motion; this process is giving and receiving. Giving and receiving are the same action or motion... similar to breathing. Breathing is composed of taking in air and breathing air out.

The Substance of Life, how it is given to us freely as we live, is similar to breathing.

Giving and receiving in life is "One Breath." There is no difference between giving and receiving when they take place in perfect life and love. Giving and receiving are one action as breathing is one breath composed of breathing in and breathing out.

How to Give?

Know your Soul, and give it freely.

What to Give?

When we fail to give, the process of life closes down.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Receive as You Give

To posses the Universe, all its power and all its good, gives forth as your self.

The Cornucopia of Life

As we perfect our generosity, everything we need comes to us as the act of giving.

Effort and Ability

The less effort we use to accomplish, the more ability we command.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Disabled Life

When we interfere with love, we disable life.

Hot to Accomplish Anything

Love accomplishes everything.

The Power of Who You Are

In self knowledge, we have the full ability of who we are... yet there is no power or strength; there is only the existence of ourselves.

As we are the persons we are, with honesty, anything required or imagined can be accomplished.